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How Medical Equipment Has Evolved Over The Last 100 Years

THE EVOLUTION OF MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Medicine has advanced dramatically over the past 100 years. From the discovery of penicillin to the invention of the MRI machine, great steps have been taken in research and technology. With advancements being made all the time, let's look back at exactly how medical equipment has evolved since the start of the 20th century. 1903 First electrocardiograph machine is invented by wwwL William Einthoven. Einthoven later wins the Nobel Prize in... 1924 for his revolutionary invention, which allows us to understand and monitor the heart's rhythmic pattern via printed waves. 1931 The invention of the electron microscope allows the medical world to view bacteria and viruses for the first time. 1945 First kidney dialysis machine is used by Willem J. Kolff who successfully treats a patient in Holland with his "artificial kidney" machine that removes blood, purifies it and then pumps it back into the body. 1947 ww.mmhmmm Dr Claude Beck saves a life using a defibrillator machine Ventricular Fibrillation to correct ventricular fibrillation (VF). 1953 First successful surgery using a heart-lung bypass machine is completed, where the machine supports the two organs while surgeons complete the much- needed operations. 1970 Endoscopes are invented, giving surgeons and doctors the opportunity to see inside the body via fibre optic cables with a light source. 1972 The first ever CAT scanner is introduced by Geoffrey Hounsfield, which uses X-ray images from a number of angles to build a 3D image of the inside of the body. 1980 The first Automated Electronic Defibrillators (AEDS) are clinically tested. 1981 MRI imaging is introduced, which allows monitoring of the electrical activity in the brain. 1985 The first Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) is invented by Michel Mirowski. The small electronic device monitors and corrects abnormal heart rhythms and is implanted on those that have suffered two or more cardiac arrests. The first artificial heart is implanted into a patient by a group of surgeons in Kentucky, USA. Named AbioCor, 2001 the device is an improvement on existing artificial hearts as it requires no tubes or lines running through the skin and allows the user to freely live without being bedridden. 2010 The first surgery is completed by robots in the USA. Humans are only involved to control the robots. defibshop defibrillators • consumables • training Sources 2.htm

How Medical Equipment Has Evolved Over The Last 100 Years

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From helping to diagnose illness to ensuring those who suffer a medical incident can continue to enjoy their lives, the technology and equipment we now see in our hospitals and doctors' surgeries has ...


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