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How Audionotch works

THE SCIENCE AUDIONOTCH behind Notched sound-therapy has become the source of a great deal of WHAT CAUSES TINNITUS? excitement within the tinnitus research community. Researchers in Europe have pioneered two variants of this therapy solution: a version which utilizes notched music, and another vesion which utilizes notched white noise. Various hypotheses have been developed to explain the functional mechanism behind the therapy's efficacy. The first thing we need to understand is: what causes tinnitus in the majority of people? Loud, or constant noise exposure causes sound-detecting cells in your ear to die. ThUs, some neurons in the auditory region of your brain no longer receive any input from those particular frequencies. Missing their regular connections, some of these neurons rewire to other neurons in a One such hypothesis involves a neurological phenomenon called lateral inhibition*. Prolonged lateral inhibition of the tinnitus neurons subsequently leads to cortical reorganization, and a lowering of tinnitus volume. TINNITUS-FREQUENCY maladaptive fashion, and begin to fire spontaneously and in synchrony. This causes the ringing sound in your ears - the condition known as tinnitus. FREQUENCY AUDITORY CORTEX CELLS THIS IS WHERE AUDIONOTCH COMES IN! HOW AUDIONOTCH WORKS STEP 1: DETECT STEP 1: AudioNotch provides a tool for users detect their particular tinnitus frequency, by manually matching it to a tone provided by the program. This is the most important step and must be done correctly in order for the therapy to effectively work. The notch must accurately line up with the tinnitus frequency for the next step to work. SONG/WHITE-NOISE FREQUENCY STEP 2: TAILOR-NOTCH STEP 2: AudioNotch users can select to use either white-noise OR a their favourite song, to notch out the sound energy at the user's tinnitus frequency. NOTCHED FREQUENCY STEP 3: LISTEN Users listen to the tailor-made, Notched Sound Therapy track for several hours a day. When listening to the tailor-made audio track, the normal auditory neurons adjacent to the tinnitus neurons become stimulated, and send inhibitory signals to the tinnitus neurons via lateral connections. This process is called lateral inhibition. FREQUENCY LATERAL INHIBITION BUT WHY DOES THE Sustained lateral inhibition of the tinnitus neurons leads to a cortical reorganization, a persistent rewiring of the connections between the auditory neurons. That's why the effect of the the therapy isn't merely temporary, and occurs even when users aren't actively listening to their music. (However, it is not yet known how permanent this cortical reorganization is). THERAPY LAST EVEN WHEN YOU'RE NOT CURRENTLY LISTENING TO THE TAILORED As a result: a user's regular tinnitus volume declines - and the ringing becoming noticeably quieter, reducing distress. THERAPY TRACK? TRY OUT AUDIONOTCH TODAY TO SEE IF IT CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR TINNITUS. For more detailed information, and relevant scientificreferences, please consult our FAQ. Source: ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY

How Audionotch works

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Notched sound-therapy has become the source of a great deal of excitement within the tinnitus research community. What causes tinnitus - Loud or constant noise exposure causes sound detecting cells in...


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