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How To Lose Your Hearing

You want to lose your ears? HOW CAN YOU DAMAGE MOTOR RACING Car racing, bike racing, F1, drag racing MUSIC WORK PLACE 3 GUNS FOR EACH 10da STEP INCREASE, THE PERCEIVED VOLUME OF NOISE S DOUBLE O Concerts, gigs, parties, discos, mp3, iPod Machines, drills, lawnmowers Hunting, shooting, military YOUR HEARING? RISK FACTORS AND THE DB SCALE Helicopter takeoff 108dB If someone is 3 feet away from you and you cannot hear what they say, that means the noise level could be damaging to your ears! Chainsaw 104dB Siren: Police, Ambulance, Fire 100-120dB Formula 1 qualifications 115dB Bulldozer 100DB Quiet restaurant avg 60DB n tyll IN Speech 50dB ...................... WHEN THEY ARE GONE, THEY ARE GONE from 90 dB to 100 dB: the volume We have some 15,000 hair cells in each ear. Shower Library 40dB 70DB Listening to loud music and exposure to loud noises can damage the cells and Motorcycle 98DB १। Braun Shaver Haleakala volcano 5dB Rice Krispies in milk can cause hearing loss 75dB 30DB Grand Canyon at night 10DB Television Bedroom Night Clubs average at night 25dB 90-105dB 75dB SO WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT ? Rifle, .22 caliber 138DB There are several ways Piano to protect ears: 85dB Symphony concert 900B Cheap foam earplugs Costs pennies, does the job! Must be replaced frequently Jet plane at takeoff 140DB Pricy reusable. plugs. More comfy, can be used many times HEARING LOSS Filter earplugs Special filters available for shooting and motorcycling Grenade 15m 1 in 5 US teens suffers from the same degree of hearing loss comparable to the age-related loss normally found. in adults in their '50s and '60s. 164DB Custom earplugs Airbag Cost more, but fit best Rocket launch 170DB Source: Journal of the American Medical Association 180DB Earmuffs TINNITUS, SURE, BUT WHAT iS IT? From $3 to $600! From basic muffs to Bluetooth headsets TINNITUS CELEBRITIES SUFFERING FROM HEARING LOSS Total US population: 303.8 M Tinnitus impacts up to 50M Americans Ringing in the ears, or constant buzz. Basically you suffer from tinnitus when you hear sounds that do not exist! T Neil Young Earmuffs with music You can now even plug in your iPod or listen to the radio through your earmuffs Sting Most commonly caused by noise exposure, tinnitus drastically reduces quality of life for 250 million people worldwide. Bono, U2 Thom Yorke, Radiohead Remember last time you went out partying or to a gig? You went to bed and your ears were ringing? Some morning you'll wake up, and the ringing will still be there! Phil Collins Sylvester Stallone EAR PLUG SUPERSTORE® Source: American Tinnitus Association

How To Lose Your Hearing

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Everyday, our eardrums take a beating. From loud music to sirens to planes flying overhead, our eardrums and hair cells within the ear can become damaged when exposed to high decibels. Once a person l...


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