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Home Safety Tips for Autism, Alzheimer's, Epilepsy, and Asthma

Home Safety Tips for Autism, Alzheimer's, Epilepsy, and Asthma Modify the mcst important areas frst, the individua's becroom, bathroom, leisure areas, ktchen and back yard Autism Salegurd Your Windown Moke Elocrical Ouon ond Applonces Sate Amang te fumtre in o Woy that 'makes serao for ne acvios he ndvdud epected to da Lobel every functiona tem and area n the wan ct home with phokgophe or symbols o asist in communication Lim he indviduals oooss Use locks and doms where opprooriono Look at your home trough the eyes of a person wih domontia What objects could injure he person? kkontru possble aroos of donger. Alzheimer's Ploce medcions kored dON ina boked drower or cotinet Inskal locks out of sghi to mal it difficut o worder out of he houne Remove trpping haords. Warch the kamperahure of waker and food 1 may be dffoult for the person wt dementa to tel te diference between hat and cold Set woer emporotre ca 120 degrees or lea to prevent soaldng Epilepsy Make specific charges around the home to reduce injuries from faling or burning Avoid freeskandng or ble komps ond doss decorolone Lse automatic shut of acplonoo0, power lools dc whonevor posible Avodmoking ihtng fres or condo when ou cre bu uouro Pod shop edges Koep foors cloor of cunr ond le up dorging crical condk of s ond oter furrinre Fur sures cre veru frequert and udden, conscer wearng a hemet wih foogord andor knoe or obow pods at bast whern you ore at home done Asthma Damp mop, damp dust, and vocuum often Concdor addrg a hch eficioncy or fr to Lour heating ustem Wash bockirg onoe a weok using hot waor to kil duet mes Control humidu Koep he humidu beow bON and tx moisturo prOOoms Fa peron wh ostma is derga to cats or dogs, te famu pet may nood to be removed rom the home A Jooet ooop peta out of the peron's becroom The Importance of Medical ID Bracelets Emergency first respondors ore raned to look for a Modical D when coming in contoct with an indvidual Who shoud wear Medical D jewelry? R A poraon who is alergic to cortan foods Anyone Mrg with a chroni or rore modoad Faople who kdoa muliple medications or drugs or inseG8 condnon blood finners. Hom medool errors con be avoided bu simplu wearing a brief descripton of a medcal condton AVBULANCE Sorcos EENationaPositions Sticky.kaedry

Home Safety Tips for Autism, Alzheimer's, Epilepsy, and Asthma

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Medical conditions as autism, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and asthma all require lifestyle changes in order to protect your loved one's health.


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