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The HERO Blueprint: 34 Powerful Healthy Lifestyle Tips

НЕ HEROHEALTHROOM.COM THE HERO BLUEPRINT LUKE JONES HEROHEALTHROOM.COM 34 HEALTHY LIFESTYLE TIPS figure ouf your reasan 'why', create a healthy enyironmént - make a fooleroof plan form a solid support network Fake action 3 LEARN A] ESTABLISH YOUR BASELINE DETERMINE YOUR CURRENT HABITS AND HOW TO DEVELOP NEW HEALTHY ONES VISIT, MONITOR keep, tabs on your weight, body Fat, hormones,, blood markers, 'HRV... B] TUNE UP YOUR DIET PROCESSED aim for 80-90% PRODUCTS DONT SKIP YOUR MEDICAL CHECKS KEEP TRACK OF YOUR METRICS LIMIT EAT FOOD whole foods whether it's a GP, chiro or physio, HOME COOK sometime help you just need AVERAGE N° CALORIES YOU CUT BY EATING O AT HOME CONTAINS INGREDIENTS BANNED ELSEWHERE NOT TOO MUCH. MOSTLY PLANTS. 8. EAT MINDFULLY DRINK 2.3-3 10% 9o organic when Possible, but don't Panic over it. OF PROCESSED FOOD IN THE LESS KCAL CONSUMED LITRES OF WATER PER DAY plus it's cheaper, more safisfying, and easier to, control whaf you put into your body. more, if you're fraining and sweating a lof IMPROVED DIGESTION MORE ENJOYMENT D] CLEAN UP YOUR ENVIRONMENT c] MOVE YOUR BODY build a standing desk, take movement breaks get a squatty potty 13 MINDFUL OF ADDICTIONS BE 14 SWITCH OFF 10 MOVE OFTEN SIT LESS 50% 2 YEARS THE DECREASE IN YOUR LIFE EXPECTANCY IF YOU SIT FOR MORE THAN 3 HOURS PER DAY TIME THE AVERAGE O WESTERNER ŠPENDS ON ELECTRONIC DEVICES PER DAY OF SMOKERS WILL BE KILLED BY THEIR HABIT 9. A FEW HOURS AT THE GYM EVERY WEEK HOURS REGULAR MOVEMENT EVERY DAY with something more constructive Fake the stairs walk/bike to work fake squat breaks be barefoot as,11 much as possible take regular brearee day per week 15 and one ! "RECOVER KEEP YOUR HOME CLEAN TAKE TIME TO DOWNREGULATE. LET YOUR BODY HEAL AND COME BACK STRONGER 12 SLEEP OF US HOMES HAVE 25% A TOXIC MOLD 8 T NFESTATION AIM FOR HOURS OF GOOD QUALITY SLEEP PER NIGHT . - yse, heat/cold exposure - don't neglect mobility try box breathing - take rest days/weeks, beat mold, with, good ventilafion & suitable humidity - also consider ofher forms of pallution in the home (EMF, air quality, ásbestos etc) you could use... medifation - breathing gxerçises journaling/reading exerçise socialisıng 16 wind down with an evening routine DE-STRESS a healthy sleep environment Glackout blinds, earplugs etc) 31% exercise during the day E] PROTECT YOUR MENTAL HEALTH 17 18 F] FIND YOUR CALLING BE PROACTIVE LEARN PROACTIVE PEOPLE LIVE LIFE ON THEIR TERMS REDUCTION IN STRESS LEVELS FOLLOWING MEDITATION 20 FOLLOW YOUR PASSION IKIGAI "THE REASON THEY BRING THEIR OWN WEATHER WITH THEM LEARNING A NEW SKILL IS ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO PROTECT YOUR BRAIN AS YOU AGE 21 BE PRODUCTIVE BUSY # PRODUCTIVE FOR BEING" 19 find yours and pursue it like a mad man STEP OUT 22 TAKE A BREAK 6 HOUR - yse the Pomodoro Technique 25 mins on, 5 mins off. shorten your to-do list' to 1 or 2 main daily fasks, - use the 80:20 rule and figure. out the best way to use your time WHERE GREAT STUFF HAPPENS YOUR COMFORT ZONE WORKDAY INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY AND STAFF SATISFÁCTION do styff that sçares you. whether it's Public speaking, cold showersbu starting a business or picking up a new 25 AVOID ТЭХТСITY 27 BE KIND TO YOU G] BE A SOCIAL ANIMAL don't take fife foo seriously TREAT YOURSELF THE ŠAME AS YOU WOULD A CLOSE FRIEND. 23 |INTERACT A STRONG SOCIAL NETWORK INCREASES LIFE EXPECTANCY BY MAKE ROOM FOR PEOPLE WHO INSPIRE YOU TO BE YOUR BEST 24 LAUGH OFTEN 26 BUILD A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP forgive, forget ANXIETY 50% and move on LIFE EXPECTANCY HEART HEALTH MENTAL HEALTH HEART HEALTH remember that your time on this plañet is limited, so'spend it wisely IMMUNITY donit neglect friendships and don't be scared to'ask for help H] GET SPIRITUAL UP IN HERE I] THINK OF THE BIG PICTURE disconnect, and be humbléd 33 29 SPEND TIME I IN NATURE MENTAL HEALTH & OVERALL WELLBEING 32 28 CONNECT TO SOMETHING BIGGER EAT LESS ANIMALS LIVE MINIMALLY AIM TO PUT OUT MORE THAN YOU CONSUME 11 660 COULD BE RELIGION A NOBLE CAUSE OR A BIG GOAL HAMBURGER GNATES 30 HELP PEOPLE EQUIVALENT TO SHOWERING FOR 2 MONTHS swap, them with fegymes, pseudo grains, nuts´& seéds. 31 BE GRATEFUL DECREASE MORTALITY RATE BY: 50% 34 SHARE YOUR GIFTS EVERYONE MENTAL HEALTH SELF ESTEEM EMPATHY our deepest, fear is not that we are inadequatę. our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. HAS A UNIQUE TALENT OR STORY TO SHARE random acts of, kindess whenever possible WHAT'S YOURS? gratitude journal OVER TO YOU Your Next Three Steps НЕ Download your bonus HERO Blueprint Checklist. Use it to 1. Get your bonus checklist apply these ideas and start moving towards a healthier lifestyle. Share your thoughts! Leave a comment on the article or drop me an email at 2. to share your thoughts! 3. Spread the word! If you like what you read, share the infographic on Twitter or Facebook with your friends! 5 HEALTHROOM НЕ KCAL %,

The HERO Blueprint: 34 Powerful Healthy Lifestyle Tips

shared by healthroom on May 01
A collection of 34 experience/science backed ideas and healthy lifestyle tips to help you unlock your health potential, and unleash your inner HERO.


Luke Jones


Luke Jones


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