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Flu Season

INFLUENZA AND THE FLU VACCINE WHAT IS THE FLU ? A contagious respiratory infection caused by a variety of flu viruses. Flu viruses enter the body through the mucus membranes of your nose, eyes, or mouth. Every time you touch your hand to one of these areas, you are possibly infecting yourself with a virus. SYMPTOMS MUCLE ACHES .. SORENESS HEADACHE .... FEVER What Are the Different Types of Flu? capable of infecting animals, although it is more common for people to suffer the ailments associated with this type of flu. found only in humans. Type B flu may cause a less severe reaction than type A flu virus, but occasionally, type B flu can still be extremely harmful. People generally do not become very ill from the influenza type C viruses. Type C flu viruses do not cause epidemics. FLU SEASON On average, CDC says 200,000 people are hospitalized with flu each season - this ranges from 158,000 people hospitalized in 1990-1991 to 431,000 in 1997-1998. 500 400 300 200 100 1990-1991 1997-1998 The flu vaccine kept nearly 80,000 people out of the hospital last year, and prevented 6.6 million cases of flu People still fear the flu vaccine can make them sick- it's not true. Flu vaccine may prevent other conditions, such as heart disease, studies show. Source : hospital-last-year-cdc-f2D11732362 flu-viruses

Flu Season

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How is flu spreading across country and how many are infected? Flu kills a lot of elder people, but we're as a nation working closer to find vaccines to prevent these cases. This infographics shows nu...




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