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Cold & Flu Remedies: Fact vs. Fiction

COLD AND FLU REMEDIES FACT VS. FICTION When cold and flu season hits, it seems that everyone has a cure that they swear by. But which of these remedies are AuNdtunde actually effective and which can be chalked up purely as myth? Let's find out and get you on the road to recovery. SINCE THERE IS NO TRUE CURE FOR A COLD OR THE FLU, ALL YOU CAN DO IS TREAT THE SYMPTOMS NATURALLY TO HELP YOUR BODY RECOVER AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. INCREASE FLUID INTAKE WATER WATER Your immune system uses your body's own fluids to produce mucus when fighting cold and flu viruses, • DRINKING plenty of fluids is key to staying hydrated and fueling your immune system • WATER thins mucus to reduce congestion and flush the virus WATER which can quickly dehydrate you. • AVOID ALCOHOL and caffeine - both lower immunity and actually dehydrate you CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL AN AGE-OLD REMEDY: warm chicken • Chicken soup also soothes the stomach, which can get upset by nasal drainage and cold medications soup fights congestion and reduces inflammation in the throat GARGLING WARM SALTWATER ANOTHER CLASSIC REMEDY THAT THE SALT CONTENT draws PROVIDES RELIEF: Mix a teaspoon moisture out of throat tissue of salt in a glass of lukewarm water and gargle for 30 seconds to reduce inflammation and destroy bacteria • FUN FACT: A study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that gargling saltwater three times daily decreased respiratory infections by 40%-a helpful tool to protect yourself during cold and flu season OTHER HELPFUL TIPS: GET PLENTY OF REST: your body needs fuel to fight viruses OVER-THE-COUNTER DECONGESTANTS such as Mucinex don't cure a cold or flu, but rather • HOT TEA is also great to loosen mucus loosen mucus from the lungs and throat to ease symptoms and soothe the throat and stomach DEBUNKING THE MYTHS HERE ARE SOME "CURES" TO WELL-KNOWN MYTHS REGARDING COLD OR FLU REMEDIES. MYTH! ANTIBIOTICS WILL CURE YOUR COLD |FACT Taking antibiotics when not necessary can Antibiotics attack bacteria, but colds actually harm your body rather than help FACT and the flu are caused by viruses They kill healthy bacteria that you need in your digestive system Your body becomes more resistant to antibiotics-making them less effective when you actually need them Antibiotics don't work on colds or the flu (FACT THE FLU VACCINE MYTH! WILL GIVE YOU THE FLU Despite rumors, THE FLU VACCINE CANNOT GIVE YOU THE FLU The flu vaccine can protect you against FACT FACT certain strains of flu viruses and may make symptoms milder if you get sick The vaccine only contains dead viruses, which boost your immunity but can't infect you A study reported by the CDC found a 71% reduction in flu- related hospitalizations in adults that had been vaccinated MYTH! LOTS OF VITAMIN C WILL PREVENT A COLD Supplements do not require approval TACT from the FDA, so there is no evidence to Taking more than 2,000 mg can actually cause diarrhea or nausea their effectiveness FACT There's no conclusive proof that Vitamin C FACT shortens a cold MYTH! REGULAR NASAL SALINE IRRIGATION IS GOOD FOR YOU |FACT Mucus has antibacterial and antiviral properties that help protect against infection Nasal drops do flush mucus and reduce congestion, but can cause long-term issues FACT Regularly flushing out mucus with a FACT neti-pot may actually make people more FUN FACT: A study by the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology found that when people stopped rinsing with nasal irrigators they were 62% less likely to suffer from sinus infections the following year susceptible to sinus infections FACT XXXXXXXXXX: (XXXXXXXX: XXXXXXXXXX If you're suffering from cold or flu-like symptoms, a doctor can diagnose you and recommend the best course of action. Instead of visiting the emergency room or waiting to see your primary care physician, an urgent care facility will save you time and money during the busy winter months. PHYSICIAN one URGENT CARE SOURCES -cold.htm#page=D0,,20251853,00.html nCSupplements.aspx

Cold & Flu Remedies: Fact vs. Fiction

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Coming down with a cold can be frustrating at any time of the year. Rather than spend a fortune at the pharmacy stocking up on all kinds of expensive “fixes” that fail to get the job done, take a ...


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