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Exploring the 8 Stages of Root Canal Therapy

EXPLORING THE 8 STAGES OF ROOT CANAL THERAPY !!! DIAGNOSIS Your dentist finds infected pulp in your tooth You are referred for a root canal to save the tooth 2 LOCAL ANESTHESIA Anesthetic is injected around the treatment area The root canal won't begin until you are totally numb DENTAL DAM A dental dam-a thin, plastic sheet-isolates the affected tooth The dam keeps the treatment area free of bacteria PULP REMOVAL A hole is made with a drill to give access to the root canals The diseased pulp is removed from the canals using small instruments CANAL CLEANING The root canals are cleaned with antiseptic and antibacterial agents The canals are shaped and prepped 6. CANAL FILLING The canals are filled with gutta- percha and an adhesive sealant The canals must be filled completely to prevent re-infection TOOTH FILLING AND CROWN A tooth filling seals the hole created with the drill A crown restores the tooth structure and gives a natural look AFTERCARE For severe infections, you may need antibiotics Minor post-procedure discomfort can be treated with OTC medicines Don't believe the hype! Root canals are similar to dental fillings. The procedure and recovery are painless for most patients. Provided by: Ronald M Olszewski DDS www.ALWAYSASMILE.NET Sources:

Exploring the 8 Stages of Root Canal Therapy

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Your dental professional will use antiseptic and antibacterial agents to clean out the area when you go in for a root canal. Learn about the stages of root canal therapy by viewing this infographic.


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