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Waking Up to the Benefits of Oral Appliances for Sleep Apnea

WAKING UP TO THE BENEFITS OF ORAL APPLIANCES FOR SLEEP APNEA IS SLEEP APNEA KEEPING YOU UP AT NIGHT? Zz GASP Zz SLEEP APNEA IS MORE THAN JUST SNORING THE LACK OF RESTFUL SLEEP CAN INCREASE YOUR RISK FOR: The airway becomes obstructed while a person is at rest o High blood pressure Sufferers stop breathing, wake and gasp, fall back to sleep, and then stop breathing again o Heart disease o Stroke This cycle can repeat hundreds of times each night o Fatigue-related accidents TREATMENT OFTEN STARTS WITH CPAP THERAPY CPAP = Continuous positive airway pressure Sufferers wear a mask that pushes air into their mouths and throats The pressure keeps the airway open to eliminate apnea episodes The problem? CPAP therapy can have several side effects o Dry nasal passages o Feelings of claustrophobia o Feelings of suffocation o Inability to keep the mask on at night ORAL APPLIANCES OFFER AN ALTERNATIVE FOR EVERYONE Oral sleep appliances are custom-made for each patient V No more CPAP discomfort, since the appliance is made just for you There's no noise or bulky machine OPEN CPAPS can keep your partner AIRWAY awake and must be taken along when you travel Oral sleep appliances don't cause discomfort They work by gently shifting the lower jaw and tongue forward, keeping the airway open ORAL SLEEP APPLIANCE A BETTER NIGHT'S SLEEP CAN START IN YOUR DENTIST'S CHAIR Make an appointment to discuss your sleep apnea diagnosis Get custom-fitted for a device to alleviate your symptoms PROVIDED BY: Guiles@Gouthcenter www.SMILESSOUTHCENTER.COM Sources: nea-treatment.aspx [I||||||

Waking Up to the Benefits of Oral Appliances for Sleep Apnea

shared by BrittSE on Jul 24
Sleep apnea wakes you up at night by ceasing your breathing, and this can contribute to a few different types of health problems. Learn more by reading through this sleep apnea treatment infographic.


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