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Daily Water Intake

DAILY WATER INTAKE Always carry a bottle of clean water with you Set a periodic reminder, so that you don't forget to drink water. wherever you go. '5 BEST TIME TO DRINK WATER Exercising can help make you want to drink water more. Keep a little log which can be as simple as a tick mark for each glass of water you drink. DRINK WATER WHEN YOU FIRST GET UP WATER INTAKE SCALE FOR A NORMAL ADULT DRINK WATER BEFORE EACH MEAL 8X8 In June 2009, "Scientific American" published 24 Glasses High (Per day) an article titled "Fact or Fiction? You Must Drink DRINK WATER WITH A SNACK 8 Glasses of Water Daily." The article describes the 8x8 drinking rule as a common rule of thumb that dictates that you must drink eight 8oz. glasses of water every day. Tea, coffee, soda, juices and sports drinks do not count toward the eight-glass total. This rule does not offer different guidelines for people of different ages, genders or health conditions. 4 DRINK WATER BEFORE A WORKOUT 2.5 L DAILY DRINK WATER AFTER A WORKOUT HAVE WATER WITH YOUR MEDICATION, 9 Glasses Normal (Per day) IF ALLOWED DRINK MORE WATER TO PREVENT ILLNESS FOLLOWING EXPOSURES HAVE A GLASS OF WATER WHEN YOU'RE TIRED 3 Glasses Low (Per day) SOURCES OF WATER FOR OUR 1.3 2.4 2.3 2.7 2.7 3.7 2.7 BODY RECOMMENDED DAILY WATER INTAKE (IN LITRES) WATER BEVERAGES FRUITS JUICES

Daily Water Intake

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Know how much water you should be drinking daily, when and how.


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