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Can you be healthy without knowing what you eat?

Can you without knowing what eat? be healthy If you know nothing about nutrition, it is highly likely that you are consuming this nutrient profile: NONESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS (unhealthy for many people) (required for proper body function) Sugar 4% Vitamin D of RDI Boosts immune system. Prevents cancer. Improves bone health. 526% Causes chronic diseases. Weakens the immune system. of MRDD 22% Omega-3 fatty acids Main source of energy for cancer cells. of RDI Important for proper brain function. Play an important role in inflammation balance and help treat mental disorders. Trans fats Medium-chain triglycerides 283% 29% Unnatural, highly toxic, associated with inflammation, An optimal source of energy in humans. Easy to metabolize. of RDI of MRDD diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. May prevent many neuorological disorders. Essential amino acids 71% Carbohydrates Important components of every single cell, necessary for synthesis of RDI 229% of important molecules such as hormones and enzymes. Raise blood sugar. In excessive amounts cause of MRDD chronic diseases, insulin resistance and obesity. Potassium 73% Important for cellular activity, especially for nerve of RDI and muscle cells. To find the cause of your health problems, first look at your diet. Nutrient data collected and analysed by Foodlogic. Values calculated per average daily dietary intake of an average adult. MRDD - maximum recommended daily dosage. RDI - recommended daily intake. Sources: http :// abstract created by foodlogic in Slovakia

Can you be healthy without knowing what you eat?

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The mathematicians, scientists and data analysts at Foodlogic are working around the clock researching the main causes of health-related problems and developing the perfect system of personalized nutr...




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