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7 Steps to Better Posture

CREATE A HEALTHIER WORKPLACE 7 Steps to Better Posture 1. Align Head Often oaused by sitting hunched over a computer for hours per day, forward head posture results from tightened SOLUTION Maintain good posture by sitting upright with good lumbar support from your chair, and keep your head aligned properly with practice and retraining of the muscles. musoles in the baok of the neck. 2. Stretch Your Shoulders Hunched desk posture leads to tightened ohest muscles, which internally rotate your shoulders forward out of natural alignment. SOLUTION Stretch your shoulders regularly to relax tightened muscles. Choose a desk ochair that supports your weight evenly provides support for your baok. 3. Look Up! SOLUTION Spending all day seated, especially if you have to frequently twist and move your neck to look at documents, talk on the phone, see your computer screen, eto., leads to strain and fatigue on your neck. alignment, and take typing lessons (so Keep your monitor centered in front of your body to avoid neok strain, use a chair that helps you keep proper hip and spine you don't have to look down!) 4. Don't Slouch SOLUTION Slouohing over a oomputer all day tightens your ohest muscles, which oan lead to overcurvature of the spine and weak muscles in your upper back. Massage and stretoh affected musoles while retraining good posture habits. Keep your oomputer at eye level and uce a chair that distributes weight properly. 5. Exercise & Stretch Long hours sitting without breaks to walk and stretoh lead to shortened hip fiexor muscles, which pull the tilt of your hips forward. 34% SOLUTION Exeroise and stretch your hipe, glutes, and hametrings. Ensure that thighs are parallel to the floor and your torso's weight is supported by your chair. of all lost-workday injuries and illnesses are work-related 6. Keep Wrists Flat musculoskeletal Wrist pain can oome from a variety of causes, including poor posture and poor design of the work area. Poor posture can negatively impaot hand and wrist musoles. SOLUTION Maintain a flat keyboard surfaoe and keep your wrists above the keyboard when you type, like you're playing the piano. disorders 7. Sit Upright & Move Feet SOLUTION Crossing your legs at your desk can lead to poor oirculation and misaligned posture. Crocsed legs put pressure on the hips and spine, leading to poor posture. Sit upright with your feet on a flat surface such as the floor or a stable footrest, and move feet frequently to increase bloodflow. REMEMBER Take regular breaks from your desk to walk and move your body. Sources: www.builtlean.oom | www.ergoindemand.oom | | Provided by: Furniture Wholesalers FurnitureWholesalers,com Order online or call toll free 1.877.709.9700 ----------

7 Steps to Better Posture

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Promote a healthier workplace with these seven steps to better posture.


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