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Bad Posture vs. Good Posture

BAD GOOD VS POSTURE POSTURE HEALTH HEALTH Back pain, often caused by extended hours of poor posture, is becoming increasingly common because of the amount of time Practicing good posture engages your core, opens up your diaphragm to help you breathe better, and gives your organs the room they need to aid in digestion. we spend hunched over smartphones and slouching in front of computers. FEEL FEEL Slouching not only makes you look tired, but it also makes you feel sluggish, fearful and self-conscious. Straightening up and maintaining good posture can actually help increase energy, productivity, and even reduce stress. COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION Poor posture communicates to those around you that you may be bored, nervous, fearful or self-conscious. Simply pulling your shoulders back, chin up and back straight communicates confidence, presence and openness and helps you own the room. APPEARANCE APPEARANCE Besides the obvious hunchback syndrome, slouching can make you look unhealthy, unattractive, and even a couple pounds heavier. Holding yourself upright and in good posture can help you look younger, more vibrant, and attractive. Did You Know? Posture is the number 1 reason for doctors visits and missed work-days after the common cold. A Lumo Lift a day could literally keep the doctors away! Powered by LUMO

Bad Posture vs. Good Posture

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You'd be surprised to find out just how many ways poor posture is hurting you in the long run.


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