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12 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga That Make You A Supermom!

12 WAYS PRENATAL YOGA MAKES YOU A \ | 7 SUPERMOM THIS IS THE LIFE. 1. PROMOTE RELAXATION Yoga teachers remind you to put your worries, to-do lists, and troubles aside while you're on your mat, so you can focus on you and your baby. 2. MAKE LIKE-MINDED PREGNANT FRIENDS Socialize with women who have the same ideals (and back problems) as you because they're at a yoga class for a healthy and fit pregnancy too! 3. REDUCE THE CHANCE OF PRETERM LABOR THANKS FOR the SUPport GUYS, LITERALLY! It's been proven that prenatal yoga will lower your levels of inflammation and stress, and will brighten your mood. Happy mommy, happy baby! 4. PREPARE YOUR BODY FOR DELIVERY Open up those hips! Stretching the ligaments in your legs, pelvis, and hips make a variety of pushing positions more comfortable. 5. MINIMIZE YOUR MORNING 6. HELP WITH SICKNESS YOUR ANTENATAL DEPRESSION Deep breathing exercises help reduce pregnancy nausea and helps you feel NOBODY WANTS ME If you're feeling blue during or after your more relaxed. pregnancy, yoga is a great alternative to ANTI- DEPRESSANTS antidepressants. Yoga mama's are here to support you. 7. IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP QUALITY Studies show that yoga reduces pressure on your joints and alleviates a lot of back pain while you're pregnant, helping you get sound beauty sleep! # SUPERMOM 8. PREPARE YOUR MIND FOR LABOR AND DELIVERY You'll learn how to trust and listen to your own body, and find the strength you need, before and during birth. 9. RELIEVE BACK AND JOINT PAIN Yoga keeps your belly muscles strong and engaged, so your back isn't straining from all the work of carrying around your little one. 10. STRENGTHEN THE PELVIC FLOOR Midwives say to strengthen your abdominal and pelvic muscles before labor. Yoga trains your muscles and align your pelvis so you'll give birth quickly! 11. CURB UNHEALTHY CRAVINGS Indulge in that cheeseburger, but next time try a veggie burger instead. Balance is key! Yoga teaches you to realize what your body needs versus just what it wants. 12. BOND WITH YOUR BABY As your body changes, your yoga postures and perspective change too. You'll really get to appreciate the new life you're bringing into the world. The bottom line is yoga will make your pregnancy and motherhood happier and healthier. Namaste, supermoms! somuchyoga NNN.

12 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga That Make You A Supermom!

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An infographic of 12 major benefits of prenatal yoga that boost the health of you and your baby during pregnancy.


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