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10 Reasons Why Corporate Personal Trainers are a Waste of Money

ten reasons why CORPORATE PERSONAL TRAINERS are a waste of money They make you sign the contract 10 before they let you read it. Always ask to see the contract before you sign it. Ifthey try and dodge it, they are probably hiding something. Look for and understand the period the contract lasts and the cancelation policy. Their sales team uses sleazy sales practices - lies, guilt, and pressure. The sales teams are not certified in anything, but that doesn't mean they won't be quick to say you're in imminent danger of heart disease or make you feel bad and put pressure on you to sign up. Don't let yourself be bullied. Their free "consultations" are essentially a sales pitch give by a member of the sales team, Only sign up if you had at least one full, complimentary personal training session with your trainer to see if the trainer, facility, and environment is right for you. 8 not a personal trainer. Their personal trainers are not screened for #1 quality assurance Typically, the only requirement to become a personal trainer at a corporate gym is to have a basic personal training certification, which can be done online in two weeks for as little as $70. Don't be afraid to ask your trainer what their qualifications are before you sign up. It's your body and health at risk and you have every right to know. 6 Their personal trainers are underpaid and This ensures the poor trainers stay and forces the good ones to leave. If you're fortunate to find a good trainer at a corporate gym, chances are high they will leave have high turnover before your contract is complete and you will be assigned to another trainer (you will still be stuck with the contract). They only talk about themselves instead of instead of focusing on you Especially in your free introductory training session, your trainer should be focused on you - your health and medical history, your fitness goals, and ensuring correct form in exercises. Their personal trainers spend too much time on their phone, looking in mirrors, or 4 checking out the hottie that just walked in. It is pretty easy to spot if a personal trainer is there because it's their job or because they want to be there and are passionate about helping their clients succeed. Don't waste your time or money with the former. They are only there for the paycheck Ever notice how business owners have much better customer service than employees do? It's because they care about their customers. Work with independent personal trainers who are far more likely to offer better service and results for your money. "FITNESS" They don't provide actual 2 customized You should always expect a customized workout plan. Be very specific to your trainer with your fitness goals and let them know of any relevant medical history or conditions. If they give you a plan before this, then your workout plan is not customized to you and could be dangerous. workout plans It's just not fun 1 One of the most important parts of good personal training is how well the trainer and the client gel together. Make sure you have fun with your trainer or it will be much more difficult to make yourself go to each session. instead: • Work with personal trainers who are independent business owners and rent space from private training facilities rather than employed by them. • Always have a copy of the contract and read it thoroughly before signing it. • Always ask for a full training session before signing any contract to see if it's right for you (some trainers will make the first sessions complimentary). • Make sure you are having fun! SOURCES: Yelp reviews from corporate gyms / Next Level Fitness customer surveys / exercise/guide/finding-personal-fitness-trainer BROUGHT TO YOU BY IN PARTNERSHIP WITH PAQUETTE MARKETING & MEDIA NEXTLEVEL FITNESS %24

10 Reasons Why Corporate Personal Trainers are a Waste of Money

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This infographic displays 10 reasons why one should not get a personal trainer from a big box corporate gym.


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