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The Quest to Power: Africa a Continent in Shadows

79% THE QUEST TO POWER of people living in Third World African nations have no access to electricity. AFRICA 1.5 BILLION SS (25% OF THE GLOBAL POPULATION) people in the world have no access to electricity-they are mostly concentrated in Africa and southern Asia. A CONTINENT IN SHADOWS IN TERMS OF POPULATION AND LAND MASS, AFRICA IS THE SECOND LARGEST CONTINENT IN THE WORLD, TRAILING BEHIND ONLY ASIA. BUT, AMAZINGLY, A MAJORITY OF THE BILLION PEOPLE LIVING ON THE CONTINENT SURVIVE EVERY DAY WITH LITTLE TO NO ACCESS TO In Burundi, Chad, Central African Republic, Liberia, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone, Africa has the LOWEST PER CAPITA ENERGY ELECTRICITY. IN THE MIDST OF ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, AND GEOPOLITICAL TURMOIL, 3-5% use of any continent. MANY OF THE POOREST NATIONS IN AFRICA of people have easy access to electric power. ARE UNABLE To SCROUNGE UP THE MONEY, RESOURCES, AND GENERAL KNOW-HOW TO BRING ELECTRICITY TO THEIR PEOPLE. In 11 countries in Africa, MORE THAN 90% of people go completely without electricity. ELECTRICITY GENERATION AND POPULATION BY REGION CURRENT NON-FOSSIL FUEL ENERGY EFFORTS POPULATION 300 MILLION 600 MILLION 900 MILLION 1.2 BILLION WIND UNITED STATES Each day. New York City consumes the same amount of electricity as all sub-Saharan African nations combined, excluding South Africa. NUCLEAR CHINA SS THERMAL JAPAN GEOTHERMAL INDIA African soil contains The two reactors in SOLAR THERMAL GERMANY an estimated South Africa account for 18% 5% HYDROELECTRIC AFRICA of its energy generation of the world's recoverable uranium FUTURE PLANS BRAZIL "This [crisis in Africa] is very bad and is something that the energy community and others should be ashamed of" WIND UNITED KINGDOM TOTAL ELECTRICITY GENERATION IN BILLIONS OF KWH FATIH BIROL, IEA'S CHIEF ECONOMIST NUCLEAR KWH 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 UNDER 1 1-5 5-10 10-40 40 AND ABOVE A COLLABORATION BETWEEN GOOD AND COLUMN FIVE SOURCES: CENSUS.GOV, REUTERS.COM, SOLARMILLENNIUM.DE, DESTATIS.DE, STAT.G0.JP. IBGE.GOV.BR. MBENDI.COM, CPIRC.ORG.CN. INDIASTAT.COM.

The Quest to Power: Africa a Continent in Shadows

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This infographic provides information about social and economic services in countries throughout Africa. The data shows that, although Africa is the second largest continent in the world, it's the poo...



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