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50 Million Players Infographic - Online Wizards and Pirate Games for Kids

(THE SPIRAL 50 MILLION Lifetime Players and counting.. Spain that's more than the population of Spain! = \,000,000 1,466,000,000,000 Gold Earned or 251.6x All the gold on Earth! 2.1 Billion Quests Completed 00 WHO'S WHO IN THE SPIRAL? TOP WIZARD NAMES TOP BADGES Wolf DragonFlame Scarlet Swift Triton Underwater Hero Master of Karate and Friendship Mastermind Wizard City Protector TOP 3 CLASSES TOP PIRATE NAMES Brave Scarlet Silver 30% Dead-eye Wolf Silver 20% 19%. T 15% Pirate Parent Demise 26% 24% 19% (T% 15% TOP 3 CLASSES Pirate Origin HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS. 3,025,131 Homes in the Spiral Arizona that's more homes than in the whole state of Arizona! CASTAWAY'S REFUGE WOODED COTTAGE Pirates enjoy a hide away home where they can enjoy their Yum and count their Wizaras prefer to live in a cozy cottage away from the hustle and bustle of Ravenwood, gold with Shipmates! 74 Million Plants in the Spiral. That's more plants than the population of Texas and California combined! YOU'RE NEVER ALONE IN THE SPIRAL! 75 Million The number of furry (and not-so-furry) friends in the spiral. 4,986 The nmber of pets a Single piayer has obtained #I First Mate sarah Steele ONLY THE QUICK AND CLEVER MAKE IT IN THE SPIRAL 3.1 BILLION Battles 566,595 The number of times Malistaire has been de feated. 78 Million O PVP Matches AT LAST I LOOK UPON MY ENEMY, RAWR! General TSo Jabberwock TOUGHEST BOSSES THANKS FOR OVER 6 YEARS OF MAGIC IN THE SPIRAL! ivard RATE KINGSISLE

50 Million Players Infographic - Online Wizards and Pirate Games for Kids

shared by Pirate101 on Dec 22
The world of the Spiral in Wizard101 and Pirate101 is celebrating 50 million players! Learn more about two great games: the pirate game Pirate101 and wizards game Wizard101.


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