40 Years of Fun!

1972 40 Years of Fun! Atari defined a generaiodered to be the fastest-growing company in the history of business. Atari's innovations placed them at the forefront of technology and lon by starting a revolution that changed the world forever. At its peak. Atari was c American one of the most beloved consumer brands in history. ATAR. ATARI. ATARI IS FOUNDED June 27th 1972, Nolan Bushnell & Ted Dabney start their own game company, Atari Incorporated. Atari was chosen after the first choice. "Syzygy" wasn't available. 1972 PONG Pong is released November 291th. 12 production units are built and placed around California. PONG BREAKOUT 1976 ATARI Atari employee, Steve Jobs is tasked to develop the game under the standard 120 IC chip count. Jobs enlists HP employee Steve Wozniak to do the design for him. BREKUT Home Pong is a huge success. The Sears version sells 150,000 units. and Atari sells another 50.000 of its own Atari branded version. 1975 HOME PONG PONG 1976 ATARI VCS Atari Introduces the Atari 2600. Nearly 30 million units are sold over its lifespan. It was later discontinued in 1992. SOLD Seoking funds to finish the Atari 2600 for manufacturing. Nolan Bushnel sells Atori Inc, to Warner Communications. Bushnel stays on as Chairman of the Board ATARI. 1978 Warner Communications 1979 ATARI FOOTBALL Football was the first Atari arcade game to use a trak-ball. AFOOM 1979 ATARI 400/800 Atari releases the Atari 400 & 800 home computers. ASTEROIDS 1980 ASTEROIDS Asteroids is released & dethrones Space Invaders as the hottest arcade favorite and best seller. BATTLEZONE Battlezone is released and its 3D visuals are so realistic, the US military commissions Atari to build a military training version. ATARI Alari develops E.I The Extro-Ternestrial tter of weeks to make it for on Notable Employees 1982 AI Alcorn, Steve Bristow, David Crane, Joe Decuir, S Alan Key tae Jobs. Larry Kaplon. Jay Minec Lyle Rains, & Lorry Wagner. EMPLOYEE E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL Ed Logg. Ron Milner ost impossible Christmas release. 1981 North American Video Game Crash of 1983 • Occurred from 1983 - 1985 • Revenues dropped 97% Caused by over-saturation of the market with hundreds of mostly low-quality games ATARI CENTIPEDE Atari introduces Centipede. developed by Ed Logg & Dona Baily. Dona was one of the only female game programmers in the industry at that time. 1984 1985 SOLD JACK TRAMIEL ATÂR. Jack Tramiel buys consumer division of Atari, Inc. from Warner Communications. ATARI XE & ATARI ST Atari Releases the XE computers series in Spring/Summer of 1985 and releases the ST computer, nicknamed by the media as the "Jackintosh" in Fall of 1985 ATARI 2600 & 7800 Atari releases a re-packaged Atari 2600 & re-releases the Atari 7800 ProSystem. 1988 ATARI STARRED IN 90+ ATARI LYNX Atari acquires "Handy" from Epyx & renames it the Lynx. It is the world's first color handheld gaming system. MOVIES & TV SHOWS 1992 Atari has Been Featured in Over 50 Movies & 40 Television Episodes! A ALCON O30 ATARI FALCON 30 Atari introduces it's final Personal Computer the Atari Falcon030. Canceled in 1993 as Atari shifted focus completely to the release and support of the Atari Jaguar 64 1993 ATARI JAGUAR Atari onnounces the 64 interoctive Mutimedio System the Atori Joguor 1998 HASBRO A JIS corps sets romoining A ossets ond Pof what was Atori to a Hasbro subsidiary SOLD 1999 INFOGRAMES 2000s ATARI. Hasbro sells all of their Atari assets to Infogrames Entertainment. SOLD Atari developed. published, and distributed oomes for every gaming plattorm available. PLATFORM EXPANSION 2009 ATARI. TYCOOM INFOGRAMES BECOMES ATARI Infogromes officially announced its nome change to Atori, including ol mojor subsidiories INFOGRAMES) 2009 2011 ATARI GREATEST HITS Atari Greatest Hits bone the App Store. Atari is launched for Holidays. NOLAN BUSHNELL Nolan Bushnell rejoins Atari as an advisor. ATARI. GREATEST HITS Atari achieves 10 million downloads on smartphones and tablets. 2012 2012 10 Million Downloads! CLASSIC ATARI GAMES WORLD RECORD HIGH SCORES ATARI. GREATEST HITS games, retail games, forums. and latest Atari site re-lounches t includes: free online classic ost news. ATARI.COM SCORE GAME Centipede 16.389.547 41.338.740 ASTEROIDS GUNNER Asteroids Battlezone 23.000 000 Grovitor Missile Command 8.029.450 1,605.265 Like us on O Facebook 3.833.700 Yar's Revenge 1,451,609 Tempest Atari has Published Over 400 Games on Multiple Platforms. 22 12 128 17 44 17 26 32 114 galaxies. fimeline-help.coom/ataritimeline.html 0 2012 Atori interoctive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Pong, Breakoun, Asteroids. Botezone, Centipede, Breakout Boost and Asteroids Gunner ao trodemarks owned by Atori interactive, Inc. Atori and the Atori logo are trodemarks owned by Atori interactive, Inc. Roler Coaster Tycoon is a trademark owned by Chris Sowyor. Hasbro Intoractive trademark is a negistered trademark owned by Hasbro, Inc. Used with permission. Al other trodemarks are the property of their nespective owners. londleynet/history/miror/atari/museum/Atari-Timeline.html 1977 1986

40 Years of Fun!

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Atari defined a generation by starting a revolution that changed the world forever. At its peak, Atari was considered to be the fastest-growing company in the history of American business. Atari's inn...




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