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STARŪRAFT Way back in 1998 gamers were first introduced to StarCraft, where Terrans, Zergs and Protoss fought for dominance and survival in a galaxy far, far away. It put Blizzard Entertainment on the map and changed real time strategy gaming forever. With the long awaited sequel finally arriving, here are few things you may not know about StarCraft. High Speed Manouvers: | In Korea StarCraft isn't just a game, it can be a career. Highly competitive players can manage over 300 actions per minute using both key- board and mouse. There are 300 professional StarCraft players that play for 11 Korean Teams in various pro leagues. Highest human typing speed is 212 wpm with 150 wpm being the fastest sustainable speed. Teams are corporately sponsored, live It costs $20m a year to together and train 12 hours a day. sponsor a StarCraft team. Facebook spends approx. the same on the data centers that house its servers. StarCraft's greatest player: 30,000 fans can come to watch a match. StarCraft has added to the computer gaming vocabulary: Gaming lexicon now includes the word Zerging. It refers to any game where players use a large numbers of low level or weak units to win by volume rather than strategy or skill. Lee Yun-Yeol aka NaDa Born: 1984 Statistically is the best StarCraft player in history. In 2007 signed a ings: $200,000 USD $690,000 USD contract to play StarCraft. 2005 reported earn- Named after the Zerg race in StarCraft who first used this tactic to overwhelm the other races in the game. Sales, Sales, Sales: StarCraft is one of the best selling video games of all time. but never made it as a console game: StarCraft was huge with PC gamers, StarCraft (including Broodwar expansion) 97 million World of Warcraft 10.7 million subscribers StarCraft 64, the only game Blizzard made for console play, failed to take off. The Sims (all expansions) 100 milion StarCraft was the best selling computer game in 1998 Guinness World Records: Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2008 : Gamer's Edition 2010: Best selling PC strategy Game Top S0 video game series StarCraft Ghost: which was supposed to be developed for X-box, GameCube and PS2 was put on "indefinite hold" in 2006 after being in development since 1999. You can study the Game Theory in StarCraft course at Berkeley: StarCraft has been played among the stars: In 2009 there was a 14 week, introductory course on the theory and strategy of StarCraft. Though student taught, students registered can receive credits for taking the course. NASA Mission Specialist The game travelled 3.5 million nautical Daniel T. Barry brought miles and orbited Earth 153 times. a copy of StarCraft on space shuttle mission STS-96 in 1999. It now resides in a place of honor in Blizzard's home office. Areas of study include Scouting. Deception, Plaver Mindset and Army positioning Had fans so devoted they started before the game was even out. CAN'T CANT WAIT As part of the media blitz for the long awaited sequel, Blizzard and Korean Airlines painted two 747's in the livery of StarCraft I. WAIT ANY ANY LONGER ONGER The U.S. Air Force's Aerospace Basic Course has used the game in their training. Operation "Can't Wait Any Longer" was a group of fans formed in the StarCraft Forums. Their goal: to try and liberate the StarCraft game, which was still delayed despite apparently being completed. They were so influential that they are named in the StarCraft Manual U.S. AIR FORCE It's used to teach new officers about joint service teamwork and crisis planning under stress. They also have a cheatcode named after them. "operation cwal" command will speed up the time to build units in the game. The science fiction setting removed real world distractions & allows officers to focus on the tactical training. Operation CWAL remains as one of Blizzard Entertainment's older and more loyal fan groups. UnlineSchools Sources: http://hxbox ghost/e84 phtml http:/web htm p// to buy-an-nl-team it80Nl cost you-1-billon/ ip// phplterm-Zerg http://vgsales selline ard anes http://contentusatoday.cem/commsnities/gamchunters/post/2010/07/StarCraftgawith-tards ob parde-/ http://www.dable/StarCralt/sis gets-a StarCraft janbo-jet Wiki gets uc-berkeley-dass force-catalog Mttp://www.up.con/do/newsStoryldd-3179345 video of StarCraft mastery as http://ukigelAign.cen/articles/153/153894pLhtnl http://web archive.orgweb/2004070072122/ shtml


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This infographic tracks some of the most interesting facts and moments in the history of the computer game "StarCraft".


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