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What it Means to be Vegan

sweetgreen WHAT IT TO MEANS BE VEGAN DEFINITION: VEGAN DIETS ELIMINATE ALL MEATS, FISH, EGGS, AND DAIRY PRODUCTS - o INCLUDING CHEESE, YOGURT, AND BUTTER 2% 4% HEALTH BENEFITS a well-balanced + nutritious vegan diet can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, arthritis, colon cancer, cardiac disease + Parkinson's Disease 2% OF THE US POPULATION IDENTIFIED THEMSELVES AS 'VEGANS' IN 2012. THIS NUMBER HAS DOUBLED OVER THE PAST 2 YEARS DIETS WORLDWIDE MOST VEGANS 2 billion people live on a meat-based diet, while 4 billion people eat a plant-based diet TAKE SUPPLEMENTS FOR B12: A VITAMIN FOUND PRIMARILY IN ANIMALS MO0 WHY DO-PEOPLE GO VEGAN? A common misconception of veganism is that you won't get enough calcium or protein TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT POWER UP WITH THESE AND VEGAN PROTEINS FOR HEALTH + NUTRITION REASONS AND TO SUPPORT THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS avocado chickpeas 4g 3g THE AVERAGE AMERICAN EATS * 273 LBS OF MEAT EACH YEAR quinoa 2g almonds 3g falafel tofu 106 lb 97 lb 68 lb 5g 6g "that is 3x as much meat as the average human's consumption around the world. grams per 1/4 cup serving SOURCES:, a,,

What it Means to be Vegan

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Did you know that besides wanting to support the ethical treatment of animals, many people choose to adopt a vegan diet to avoid contributing to the pollution caused by large factory farms?


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