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NATIONAL Vegetarian MONTH a²+b²=Vegetarianism? Until the word "vegetarian" was coined in the mid-1800s by the British Vegetarian Society, vegetarians were commonly referred to as Pythagoreans, after the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, who was one of the earliest vegetarians on record. You are what you eat! Fruit Veggies Dairy Eggs Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians Eat fruits, vegetables, dairy and eggs. This is the most popular form of vegetarianism. Lacto Vegetarians Only eat fruit, vegetables and dairy products. Ovo Vegetarians Only eat fruit, vegetables, eggs and egg products. Vegans Adhere to a strictly plant-based diet and only eat fruits and vegetables, with no animal products whatsoever. Fruititarians Only eat fruit, nuts and seeds. I Something's a Little Fishy While not actually vegetarian, pescatarians avoid eating all animals except the sea creature variety. Veg-nited We Stand Just over 3 percent, or 7.3 million, of American adults follow a vegetarian diet. Women account for 59 percent of vegetarians while 41 percent of men follow this lifestyle. 10.8 percent of vegetarians have stuck with it for 2 to 5 years. ............. 18 percent have been vegetarians for 5 to 10 years. 57 percent have followed this diet for more than 10 years. 42% of vegetarians are 18 to 24. 40.7% of vegetarians are 35 to 54. 17.3% of vegetarians are over 55 Vegetarian by Choice? 20 percent of the world's population is vegetarian. Although 75 million are vegetarian by choice, nearly 1.5 billion people don't eat meat because they can't afford to. The Omnivore's Dilemma Humans are omnivores and, like it or not, sometimes even the most seasoned vegetarians crave meats. Fortunately, vegetables can provide some great alternatives. Meatless Meat? You won't believe your tastebuds! These all-veggie options may surprise you: Protein Galore! Plenty of plant foods contain protein without the cholesterol and saturated fats found in meat: Veggie Burgers and Chili Tofu Scrambled Tofu Burger King Whopper vs. Veggie Burger Legumes Tofu Lasagna Calories: 670 410 Beans Tofurky Eggless Cookies & Pancakes Lentils Fat: 40 g 16 g Soy Hot Dogs Soy Ice Cream Quinoa Saturated Fat: 11 g 2.5 g Soy milk Cholesterol: 75 mg 5 mg Protein: 28 g 980 mg 22 g 1030 mg Seeds & Nuts Soy Milk French Toast Sodium: Yo Quiero Veggie Bell At Taco Bell, customers can order cheese- and lard-free bean burritos for a delicious vegan alternative. Hearts Love Veggies 210 Because vegetarians steer clear of animal protein, and vegans avoid animal products altogether, these groups have the lowest average cholesterol levels. 200 Average Meat Eater's Cholesterol That's 10 points higher than the "risk threshold' set by the -190 -180 American Heart Association 170 161' 160 Average Vegetarian's Cholesterol -150 140 133 Average Vegan's Cholesterol 130 120 ! Vegetarians are about 40% less likely to get cancer than people who eat meat, regardless of other health risks like smoking or body mass. 110 - 100 Why go Vegetarian? People choose to be vegetarian for many reasons, from animal rights and the environment to health and weight loss. Environmental Concerns Animal Welfare 47% 53% 54% Overall Health 25% Weight Loss Hold the Salmonella Please 31% of vegetarians avoid meat because of food safety concerns. A Pint of Fish Guts Please Vegetarians stray away from certain beers because they contain isinglass, which is made from a fish's bladder. Guinness, Red Stripe, Foster's and Newcastle are just some of the brands that veg heads can't drink. Meaty Treats Cruelty-free Clothing Payless and Target offer inexpensive vegan-friendly shoes. The key is that the shoes must be made from all-synthetic These foods contain gelatin, which is made from boiled animal skin, tendons and bones: materials-say hello to pleather! Altoids For high-quality shoes, MooShoes is a popular vegan destination. It also sells belts, bags, jackets and more. Starburst Skittles Mini-Wheats Jell-o Other cruelty-free retailers are Vegan Essentials, Herbivore Clothing, Pangea and the Vegetarian Site. ReaiMeNot SOURCES Be the best vegetarian you can be by getting quality ingredients, supplies and cookbooks online! And be the best shopper you can be by taking advantage of the amazing coupons on


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Until the word "vegetarian" was coined in the mid-1800's by the British Vegetarian Society, vegetarians were commonly referred to as Pythagoreans, after the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, who was one...


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