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Take a Bite Out of the Rainbow: Your Checklist to Eat More Colorfully

TAKE A BITE OUT OF THE RAINBOW YOUR CHECKLIST TO EATING MORE COLORFULLY Eating 3 colors each night at dinner adds up to over 500 servings of vegetables over 6 months. Colorful foods contain Eating colorfully is an easy way to optimize your diet. phytonutrients, or plant compounds, that work together to protect your health. 22% of people don't get enough reds 21% of people don't get enough yellows and oranges 31% of people don't get enough greens 12% of people don't get enough blues and purples 14% of people don't get enough whites Use this checklist to help keep track of what color of fruits and veggies you eat daily. For optimal health, eat 1 cup of each color daily. RED FOODS APPLES CHERRIES CHILI POWDER CRANBERRIES GRAPEFRUIT PAPAYA PERSIMMON POMEGRANATES RASPBERRIES RED CABBAGE RED ONION RED PEPPERS STRAWBERRIES TOMATOES WALNUTS WATERMELON POSSIBLE NUTRIENTS SUPPORTS • Flavonoids • Ellagic acid Heart health • Caffeoylquinic acids • Hydroxybenzoic acids • Memory Lycopene • Vitamin C • Folate YELLOW / ORANGE FOODS CANTALOUPE CARROTS CITRUS FRUITS CORN GINGER MANGO PAPAYA PEACH PINEAPPLE PUMPKIN SQUASH YELLOW PEPPERS SWEET TURMERIC POTATOES POSSIBLE NUTRIENTS SUPPORTS • Hesperetin • Beta-cryptoxanthin • Flavonols • Eye health Alpha-carotene • Beta-carotene Heart health • Vitamin A Immune function • Vitamin C • Terpenoids • Phthalides GREEN V FOODS ARUGULA ASPARAGUS BLACK TEA BOK CHOY BRUSSELS SPROUTS BROCCOLI CABBAGE CHARD COLLARDS CUCUMBERS GRAPES GREEN BEANS GREEN PEPPERS GREEN PEAS GREEN TEA HONEYDEW KALE PARSLEY SNAP PEAS EDAMAME SPINACH POSSIBLE NUTRIENTS SUPPORTS • Chlorophyll • Vitamin K • Carotenoids • Flavonoids • Healthy eyes • Healthy bones • Healthy teeth • EGCG • Lutein • Coumestans • Zeaxanthin • Isoflavones • Omega-3 fatty acids • Isothiocyanates BLUE / PURPLE V FOODS BEETS BLACKBERRIES BLUEBERRIES COCOA DARK BEANS EGGPLANT FIGS GRAPES PURPLE POTATOES PRUNES WINE POSSIBLE NUTRIENTS SUPPORTS • Memory • Anthocyanin • Resveratrol Healthy aging • Hydroxycinnamic acids WHITE V FOODS APPLES COCONUT GARLIC GINGER JICAMA MUSHROOMS ONION PARSNIP RUTABAGA POSSIBLE NUTRIENTS SUPPORTS • Flavonols • Quercetin • Sulfides • Heart health • Allicin • Good cholesterol levels EATING COLORFULLY IS A GREAT WAY TO STICK TO A HEALTHY DIET. TRY TO GET YOUR DAILY FILL OF THE RAINBOW! • • • Brought to you by: In Partnership with: CReplacementParts .com GHERGICH&Co. హ 00000

Take a Bite Out of the Rainbow: Your Checklist to Eat More Colorfully

shared by Ghergich on Jun 24
22% of people do not get enough reds in their diet! Well, we break down produce into groups by color, to explain which nutrients they provide and what function of the body that helps.


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