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Choosing "Real Food' Using USDA's

Choosing "Real Food" Using the USDA's Dairy Fruits Grains Vegetables Protein Choose The government recently introduced the MyPlate guide to help us become healthier eaters, but, in my opinion, not everything they suggest is "healthy." I propose a "Real Food" approach to understanding MyPlate. Vegetable Group Eat a primarily plant-based diet that includes plenty of fresh vegetables, beans, and legumes in their whole and natural form. Unlike MyPlate, I suggest avoiding packaged, canned or processed vegetables when possible. Dairy Fruits Grains Vegetables Protein Choose Drink good old-fashioned water with meals. Dairy belongs in the Protein Group, and I suggest eating moderate amounts of dairy products in their unadulterated form (In my opinion whole milk instead of low-fat or fat-free choices suggested by MyPlate). Dairy Group Dairy Fruits Grains Vegetables Protein Choose MyPlate gov Grain Group Eat moderate amounts of whole grains, including brown rice, quinoa, and whole wheat products. MyPlate allows for refined grains, which are missing key nutrients. Dairy Fruits Grains Vegetables Protein Choose MyPlate gov Fruit Group Eat fresh, whole fruit that is in season. Avoid MyPlate's /recommended high-sugar juices or pre-packaged fruit alternatives. Dairy Fruits Grains Vegetables Protein Choose Eat protein from a variety of sources including beans, legumes, nuts, eggs, wild-caught fish, and pasture-based dairy and meats. Eliminate processed meats that contain chemicals or Protein Group Dairy Fruits additives, a distinction not made by MyPlate. Grains Vegetables Protein Choose MyPlate gov Other ways to follow the "Real Food" diet: Make plant-based foods 60-75% of your daily diet Use fats like butter, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds Minimize refined carbohydrates and added, refined sugars Eliminate packaged and processed foods Eat nutrient-dense foods Eliminate all sugary beverages Buy local whenever possible Drink plenty of fresh, filtered water USDA does not endorse any products, services, or organizations. SOURCES: Infographic design by vc VoltierCreative

Choosing "Real Food' Using USDA's

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The USDA has set out a list of guidelines for how much fruit, protein, grains and dairy a person should be eating, but they don't make a distinction of healthy and not healthy versions of each. This i...


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