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The Origin of Spices

A Spice is a dried natural plant primarily used for flavoring, coloring and preserving food Other uses include medicinal purposes. Different parts of each plant produce different spices - roots, rhizomes, fruit bark stem bud. Spices are Many of the spices originate from Central-South-West region of Asia, China with the most The Origin of Spices All Spices are of the Plantae kingdom and all Central Asian (China, India. Sri Lanka. Myanmar, Thailand, Laos. Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia Indonesia and Japan) spices are of the Magnoliophyta origin of spices, followed by India. Cuisines of these Asiar countries utilize their native ingredients to create flavorful phylum and Magnolipsida order dishes. and are from two classes - different from Herbs which are There is accurate information for certain origins such as the Wasabi spice from Japan whereas others such as Garlic are estimated to larger areas such as Himalayan - North West border or china eine leafy greens, fresh or dried, used to garnish or flavor. Magnolipsida and Liliopsida. Spices from the same family such as the Zingiberaceae (ginger) originate from the same region - Tumeric, Greate Galangal and ngendor onginate ne Ginger from Ginge China aro morely ostimatod to rogion Spices of the Apingene ogio (parsley) family such as DilI Seed and Black Cumin is estimated to originate from NW NE Central Asia. Some spices originate from multiple Countries within Asia so they are repeated per country HIMALA SYANMA CAMBODIA Sw SE Magnoliophyta Magnolipsida INDONESIA Part of Plant Arecales • Arecaceae (palm) Liliales • Liliaceae/Alliaceae (onion) Pandanales • Pandanaceae (screw-pine) Cyperales • Poaceae (grass) Zingiberales • Zingiberaceae (ginger) Apiales • Apiaceae (parsley) Capparales • Brassicaceae (mustard) Caryophyllales • Polygonaceae (buckwheat) Fabales • Fabaceae (bean) Illiciales -liciaceae (star-anise) Lamiales Lamiaceae (mint) Laurales • Lauraceae (laurel) Magnoliales • Myristicaceae (nutmeg) • 1* WASABI € Myrtales • Myrtaceae (myrtle) Piperales • Piperaceae (pepper) Rosales Rosaceae (rose) Anacardiaceae (cashew) Sapindales + Rutaceae (citrus) • 2 K ONION E Ka * PERILLA • ** KAFÉIR LIME • *RE PANDAN LEAF • K ID NUTMEG BANDA ISLANDS r LIME • tmt EAST-INDIAN LEMON GRASS • 2 CUBEB PEPPER • K CLOVES +EK 1 TUMERIC E • 1E m GREATER GALANGAL E 3 iz tee FINGERROOT € • 4E Ku * VIETNAMESE CORRIANDER E 2 T STAR ANISE 2 • K INDONESIAN CINNAMON 2 • fnn CASSIA 2 2 E STAR ANISE • tmt EAST-INDIAN LEMON GRASS A ORANGE tele GINGER 4 • + cocONUT X VIETNAMESE CINNAMON 2 • 1 t LICORICE 2 {nn CASSIA a E2 SICHUAN PEPPER anthoxylum • fnn CASSIA E • t EAST-INDIAN LEMON GRASS + SICHUAN PEPPER anthorylum Ewd SICHUAN PEPPER bungeanum Zanthoxylum » HP 2 SICHUAN PEPPER Zanthorylum 寧蒙 草 EAST-INDIAN LEMON GRASS > T SICHUAN PEPPER Zanthoxylum avicennae * H CEYLON CINNAMON E Deccan 3* SICHUAN PEPPER faD 뽀 CASSIA 고 > 2 SICHUAN PEPPER 2 • KA INDIAN BAY LEAF SOUTHERN LEMON Ka I BLACK CARDAMOM 2 Kol ALMOND : DILL SEED HE tot BLACK CUMIN • E** LOVAGE A e ZEDOARY € • E STINKING GUM 2 K MANGO • mt EAST-INDIAN LEMON GRASS. • EK GARLIC E BK M INDIAN BAY LEAF E H CEYLON CINNAMON E uk E LONG PEPPER DECCAN REGION tat EAST-INDIAN LEMON GRASS Atele LESSER GALANGAL > H * CURRY LEAF I ID CARDAMOM 2 HE tat BLACK CUMIN E A BLACK PEPPER • * H CEYLON CINNAMON E

The Origin of Spices

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A spice is a dried natural plant primarily used for flavoring, coloring and preserving food. All spices are of the Plantae kingdom and all Central Asian spices are of the Magnoliophyta phylum, Magnoli...



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