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Here's to Beer!

HERE'SFOBEER! TIP BACK A PINT AND ENJOY FIVE FULL-BODIED BEER GRAPHICS BASED ON DATA ABOUT U.S. BEERS FROM BREWERYDB.COM. BEER FOR ALL! CLOUDY AND UNFILTERED You had us at "beer." This word cloud depicts the most common words used in beer names. 0.00005 BREWERIES PER CAPITA 0.00004 Which state is the sudsiest? If the number Cream of brews per capita is any indication, Vermont is your winner. Gold Anniversary Hefeweizen Amber Double Beer Нoр Pale American Winter 0.00003 White Barrel Big Chocolate Black Light Bock Lager MRed Ale Stout" Honey Blonde IPA Bourbon Big 0.00002 Rye Porter Wheat India Pilsner Imperial Belgian Barleywine Wit Brown Summer Style 0.00001 Saison Dark Irish Bitter Release Aged Oatmeal ESB Pumpkin Irish Golden 0.00000 A MATTER OF STRENGTH - HITTING THE SWEET SPOT How strong is your favorite brew? Find out with minimum, maximum, and average ABV figures by style. ABV % 24+ 1 ABV% 23 22 American-Style India Pale Ale 21 20 This distribution chart of American-Style Pale Ále 19 alcohol-by-volume details the frequency of different strengths of beer. Where does your favorite brew rank? How about your Uncle Elrod's moonshine? 18 American-Style Amber / Red Ále VISUALIZATION 17 16 15 Imperial or Double India Pale Ale BREW 14 13 American-Style Brown Ale 10 Brown Porter American-Style Stout French & Belgian Style Saison South German- Style Hefeweizen Light American Wheat Ale NUMBER OF BEERS 500 1K 1.5K 2K 2.5K 3K 3.5K 4K ABV 0% 10% 20% YOUR LOCAL TOP 10 CITIES FOR BEER WATERING HOLE NUMBER OF DIFFERENT BEERS 2. SEATTLE PRODUCED IN EACH CITY 1. PORTLAND Local brews engender local pride. See how your state stacks up in terms of the highest-gravity beers, along with the top 10 beer-producing cities in the U.S. 412 387 5. SALT LAKE CITY - 7. FORT COLLINS 3. CHICAGO 8. COLUMBUS 10. SAN FRANCISCO AVERAGE ABV BY STATE 4. DENVER 242 296 7-7.99% 5-5.99% 188 168 161 6-6.99% 4-4,99% 259 9. AUSTIN 6. SAN DIEG0 210 166 Beutler Ink THE LATEST BREW BY SOURCES:, 2010 U.S. Census

Here's to Beer!

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Tip back a pint and enjoy five full-bodied beer graphics based on data about U.S. beers from


Beutler Ink


Beutler Ink


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