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Das Bier

das bier american wheat barleywine witbier dry stout lambic The distinguishing Light-bodied, crisp refreshing ale. The proportion of wheat is often greater than 50%, and the hop aroma and flavor can vary. Belgian unfiltered wheat beer. Spiced ales. Typically enjoyed often with orange and coriander. Tangy and sharp from the wheat and high carbonation. Slightly hazy due to lack of filtration. The richest and A sour wheat Belgian beer. Often made with whole fruit Understated malt and strongest of British feature of this dark Irish beer is the use in a snifter for its warming qualities. High alcohol content. of roasted barley to produce a roasted, coffee-like dryness. hop characters allow the fruit to remain prominent. 12 bohemian pilsner porter bock weizen dubbel Unfiltered German Crisp, light lager with distinct hop flavors. Creamy, dense head and well-carbonated. A well-hopped beer made from brown malt. A bottom fermenting lager that takes extra months of lagering to smooth out. By German law, bocks must be of at least 1.064 gravity. Strong, malty beer with a notable fruitiness, fairly heavy body, and low bitterness. Brewed first in Belgium in 1856 by Trappist monks as a stronger version of brown beer. wheat ale. At least 50% wheat malt, Similar to stout with coffee-like dryness and deep malt. Production virtually ceased in the 50s until its revival in the 70s. sometimes with Debuted in 1842 in Czechoslovakia by Josef Groll. more pronounced citrus and spice flavors. oatmeal india christmas ale märzen/ oktoberfest bitter stout pale ale Stout that is firm, smooth and silky from the addition of oats to the mash. The A stronger, darker spiced beer that often has a rich body stored in icy caves in the and warming finish suggesting a good accompaniment for the cold winter 'March' beer originally brewed in the spring and Strong, British and traditionally cask- conditioned. Regional preferences create some maltier, stronger ales, and some that are more aggressively hopped and carbonated. Pale ale with more pronounced hop character and summer for autumn higher alcohol content. Originally brewed in England for the long trip to India. smoothness comes celebrations. Strong with a malty sweetness and low hop flavor. from the high content of proteins, and the oats give a sweetness that is unlike any other stout. season

Das Bier

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A comprehensive look at different styles of beer, their histories and flavors. All beer styles are shown in appropriate glassware. Can only currently ship to U.S. and Canada.


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