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Dr. Hambphister's hangover cure

HANGOVER Avoid That Shit ET INEBRIARI Try this the next time you drink BEFORE DRINKING Eat a steak or take a vitamin B3 (or B-complex) pill and eat something. Metabolizing red meat initiates the production of the enzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleo- tide or NAD+. NAD+ is a coenzyme for the first stage of metabolizing ethanol (b0oze) so, by eating red meat before you start drinking, you're preparing your liver for the onslaught. You can get the same effect with vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) pill, but then be sure to eat something to slow absorption. WHILE DRINKING Snack on Sunflower seeds, Ha- zelnuts or Pine nuts. Or take a Vitamin B1 pill. Sunflower seeds contain a lot of Thiamine (vitamin B1). So do Hazelnuts and Pine nuts if you don't like Sunflower seeds, but you'll need to eat more of them. Thiamine is a coenzyme in the catabolism of ethanol at practically every stage. If you only remember one thing from this, it should be, “when drinking, get vitamin B1 into your system." BEFORE SLEEP Snack on more Sunflower seeds Initially NAD+ is awesome: it oxidizes the or take a vitamin B1 pill (but not a B-Complex or multivitamin.) ethanol into acetaldehyde. But that is only the first step, the acetaldehyde must then be oxidized to acetic acid and excess NAD+ NH, inhibits the production of the enzyme that is responsible for that: Cycteine. So NAD+ goes from friend to enemy once you've stopped drinking. Avoid vitamin B3 at this point. To help clear your liver of acetaldehyde you should plan to eat foods high in Cycteine for breakfast. H3C 'N HeC он Drink around two cups of water. Overindulgence of water, a popular folk remedy, can actually worsen the effect of a hangover as it will aid in stripping out more nutrients and electrolytes from your already depleted body and interrupt your sleep with the need to relieve your bladder. Water is good, but too much is bad. MORNING AFTER Eat pork, poultry, eggs, dairy, red peppers, garlic, onions or broccoli. A chicken omelet with onions, garlic and red peppers is just about as perfect a post-binge food as there is. Each of those ingredients are high in Cycteine; the enzyme responsible for breaking down the acetic acid in your liver. You have subjected yourself to a prolonged session of both poisoning yourself with ethanol and stripping out a good deal of nutrients from your body including essential salts. Pedialyte, like Gatoraid or other sports drinks, replace those electrolytes that you Drink a sports drink, or if the flavor doesn't make you wretch, Pedialyte. crave. DrHambphster HAMB-PHISTER

Dr. Hambphister's hangover cure

shared by roloplane on Mar 17
This is the proven method for reducing your hangover after a night, and maybe an afternoon of drinking. Dr. Hambphister has been spending months in testing and improving this method. Now his secrets are yours.


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