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34 Unbelievably Weird Alcoholic Drinks From Around The World

34 Unbelievably Weird Alcoholic Drinks From Around The World USA (*) Canada North America Beard beer Human toe shot A shot of the drinker's Made from wild yeast found growing in a beard! It was discovered choice completed with the addition of a real, preserved amputated toe, which is dropped into the glass. The fine for swallowing it is $2500! that the yeast can be cultivated to create a suitable state for fermenting beer USA USA Bacon vodka Grilled cheese Dubbed a 'carnivorous Martini cocktail', the highly Made when piping hot unorthodox mix of sandwiches are soaked bacon and vodka is in vodka and left to marinate. The liquid is apparently delicious and the ultimate 'hair of the served with balsamic dog' hangover cure syrup and serrano ham USA (+) Mexico Oyster (testicle) beer Mezcal (larvae) tequila In Colorado, 'oysters' is often a slag word for roasted or deep-fried bull testicles! Naturally, A bottle of smoky, spiced tequila with a soaked worm (usually a larvae) in the bottom. If yo it's supposed to have hallucinatory powers! stout has been eat the worm, made using freshly sliced 'oysters' USA USA Pizza beer Algae beer The 'world's first Not only is this tipple culinary beer' made with margarita ingredients. It's filtered after green in colour, it's also made from Algae! Specifically a type of blue-green algae called spirulina steeping, leaving just the 'essence of pizza' Australia * New Zealand Australia/ Oceania Gunpowder cocktail Stag semen beer This Guy Fawkes inspired cocktail infuses gin, fernet branca, citrus and an egg white with actual gunpowder An extra smooth and creamy 'milked' stout, completed with an added measure of 'export-quality' deer semen Australia Australia Avocado beer Watermelon beer Abundant in Australia, Fermented in used avocados are used to create a creamy beer. The avocado's bitterness chardonnay barrels, aged over three months and completed with brings the same effects that hops give watermelons. A wheat beer with a sour taste O Laos Japan Asia Mekong river eel wine Bilk (beer + milk) As disgusting as it sounds! This tipple includes river eels from the Mekong River, ginseng roots, The result of a smart company and a surplus of milk. The concoction is about 30% milk and contains hops and herbs China O South Korea Three-Penis wine Baby mouse wine It may look like an average bottle but this drink is made from seal, Prepared by drowning alarge number of baby mice in vats, this wine deer and dog penises! It supposedly cures anything from the common cold supposedly boosts the virility of its drinker to liver problems Mongolia Laos Kumis (horse milk alcohol) Reindeer Horn Whiskey A central Asian drink traditionally made with fermented horse milk. A rare and strong white rice whiskey. It is fermented in clay pots for more than a year and infused with The stuff of Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan! reindeer horns and herbs A Vietnam Japan Snake wine Elephant dung beer Believed to have healing properties, this wine includes a whole venomous A beverage made using coffee beans that have snake in the bottle. It's passed through an elephant's digestive system. This will get you...trunk poison is dissolved so it's safe to drink Chile A Venezuela South America Fog beer Instant coffee In the dry, Chilean deserts, fog is captured in nets. These nets hold rum shot A weird and wonderful combination, rum shots the fog which then eventually condenses into liquid which is are taken with lime, brown sugar and instant coffee, An amazing mix of raw flavours in your mouth! used to make beer ) Peru Brazil Chicha (saliva fermented beer) Marijuana roots liquor Made of maize, yucca or fruits, the traditional A shake up of the country's favorite and famous liquor, cachaca, method of making this drink involves chewing ground maize into little spit balls that are laid flat to dry (sugarcane alcohol drink) by adding an unusual twist: marijuana roots + England Sweden Europe Scorpion vodka Birch sap wine A special, triple distilled vodka completed with a single 'farm raised' scorpion added to every bottle. One for keen forest foragers, this wine is made from sap extracted from birch trees and is said to 'The ultimate shot' have a slightly sweet taste + England Belgium Mustard seeds beer Diabetic's urine whiskey Made by taking the urine of two elderly diabetic patients daily, extracting the high sugar content, then using it in the fermentation of whisky production Containing barley malt, Munich malt, two sorts of hops, dark candy sugar and...mustard seeds. The mustard taste is prominent when the beer is warm Scotland ) Italy Roadkill beer Wasp guts beer A drink made from wild 'The strongest beer in the world' (55%). £500. Served in a bottle placed inside a stuffed dead squirrel yeast that has been temporarily stored in and passed through wasp intestines (reportedly roadkill!) O Denmark O Italy Civet droppings Cynar (artichoke liquor) beer Civet (weasel-like creatures) find perfectly ripened coffee cherries, which they eat and excrete. Made with three different herbs and plants, the most prominent of which is the artichoke. It tastes bitter, The feces is harvested strong, and reminiscent to produce beer of copper pennies Rwanda () Nigeria Africa Banana beer Palm tree vwine Created from the sap of various palm trees. In Eastern Nigeria, a man who is meeting his inlaws for the first time is required to bring palm wine Sometimes consumed during rituals and ceremonies, the beverage is made from fermentation of mashed bananas Sources: to-try-before-you-die/ yeast-john-maier_n_1917119.html around-world served-in-a-dead-squirrel-us750-video.html beer-ingredients to-touch-a-human-510836193 buman human-toe alcoholic-drinks to-try-rocky-mountain-oyster-stout-weird-drinks the-world made-from-elephant-dung-3619701's-palm-wine/82526 banana-beer-a-true-moonshine from-something-strange Ingredients cocktails-el-ritual.html semenil-pint-wellington-pub-and-brewer-create-beer-laced- with-stag-semen creates-beer-out-avocado.htm demen brazils-weird-ass-national-co-1589915242 2014/oct/22/sydney-craft-beer-week-in-search-of-the- strangest-tipple alçoholic-drinks's-palm-wine/82526 562e3052e4b0ecoa3894f1f3 CW WINE INVESTMENT

34 Unbelievably Weird Alcoholic Drinks From Around The World

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USA Beard beer - Made from wild yeast found growing in a beard! It was discovered that the yeast can be cultivated to create a suitable state for fermenting beer Canada Human toe shot - A shot of the...


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