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Weird Drinks Around the World

Weird Drinks L AROUND THE WORLD Ayahuasca (AKA: Yagé) INGREDIENTS Peru Used by native cultures in Peru to trigger visions and to help users rediscover their sense of self. Banisteriopsis caapi (a potent source of the hallucinogenic drug Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)) Psychotria viridis (a shrub also containing DMT) The Vaportini USA INGREDIENTS Flavour-infused alcohol Heated to 140 degrees Farenheit, spirits are then inhaled through a straw. Vaporising alcohol allows the substance to bypass a body's natural defences against drinking too much. Heat / A glass straw Placenta 10000 Japan INGREDIENTS Pig placenta With a jelly-like texture and a supposed flavour of "peaches", this drink is believed to have Jelly regenerative properties. Three Penis Wine (Tezhi Sanbian Jiu) China INGREDIENTS Deer penis This alcoholic brew containing the sex organs of three different animals is reputed to boost male sexual virility in humans. Seal penis Dog penis O Rice wine Raw Milk Worldwide INGREDIENTS Just milk, straight from Raw, unpasteurised milk is the cow considered a hotbed for salmonella, listeria, E.coli and TB and is so dangerous that it is banned in the UK. Peyote Tea INGREDIENTS Southern USA Peyote (Lophophora williamsii) - a small, spineless cactus This hallucinogenic cactus, packed with psychoactive alkaloids like mescaline can be Boiling water made into a very trippy tea. Spirytus Rektyfikowany INGREDIENTS Poland High starch rye The rye used to create this base alcohol is so high in starch that the liquid can reach 95% proof and has killed unwary foreign drinkers. Water Sugar Feni India INGREDIENTS (J Cashew nuts Shady manufacturers have been caught adding industrial alcohol and even battery acid to Feni causing 40 people to die in Bangladesh in 2000. Panda Dung Tea INGREDIENTS China Green tea grown Costing around £140 per cup, pandas absorb just 30% of the nutrition in their food, which means their dung is chock full of goodness. in panda dung 00 Waragi INGREDIENTS Uganda Fermented cassava, bananas, millet or Over just one weekend in 2008, 80 people died in Ugandan province of Kabale after drinking Waragi laced with high levels of toxic methanol. sugar cane Snake Wine Vietnam INGREDIENTS 5 Venomous snakes The fermentation process cancels out the venom, but unregulated manufacturing processes can make the actual alcohol in snake wine a Rice wine or grain alcohol dangerous substance. Cow Water (Gau Jal or Acqua di Vacca) INGREDIENTS India i.. Cow urine Sold as a health drink, this beverage claims to cure everything from liver problems and diabetes, to cancer. Hoihoi Tatea INGREDIENTS New Zealand Horse semen Created so it could be entered into an annual beer and wild food challenge. According to the creators, it's very popular with women. Apple flavouring Poppy Tea INGREDIENTS Worldwide Many morphine overdose-related deaths The origin of opioids including heroin, poppies are rich in morphine. have been linked to drinking poppy tea. POKIES.NET.AU wine

Weird Drinks Around the World

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Fancy a drink? Discover our selection of weird drinks from around the world, from the Japanese Placenta 10000, to the Chinese Three Penis Wine... Cheers!


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