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Save Money by Going Green

7 Ways to SAVE MONEY By GOING GREEN If you haven't already, replace your lightbulbs with low energy bulbs Energy saving light bulbs have come down in price recently and improved in quality. They can cost the same as a regular bulb They can save you around £9 on your annual electricity bill and up to £100 2. over its lifetime; plus they last 10-15 times longer. Knock down your thermostat bya couple of degrees Turn down the thermostat by a couple of degrees. 000 If you feel cold, you can always put on a sweater, and it will save you a fortune! 3. Don't leave your consumer electronics in standby mode STANDBY Leaving your TV, stereo, laptop, printer and other consumer electronics in standby mode means they are not switched off and they are still using power. Make sure you turn them off at the wall or unplug them. 4. If you must drive, car share & SLOW DOWN 70 90 3050 Of course the simplest way to save on your travel costs is to cut out unnecessary journeys, or use alternative forms of transport such as walking or cycling. Taking public transport can also reduce your carbon footprint however these forms of transport are not always convenient. 51 04522 MPH E/h If you must drive, slowing down to around 60MPH, making sure your tyres are inflated properly and making sure your car is serviced regularly can reduce your fuel consumption dramatically. Share your journey with someone else to share costs and reduce your carbon footprint. End your dependency on paper Cutting paper usage can save you money as well as helping to save the environment. If you really need a printed copy, print on both sides and in "draft" mode. Switch to paperless billing, most companies offer it and give you a discount for using it. Most magazines and papers have electronic versions available on their websites for free and available for tablets and ereaders. Register with MPS to cut out unwanted junk mail. At work, installing a document management solution will save money and space. 6% Remember, recycle, reuse, reduce! Make your pets go green Our pets are a huge part of our lives but there's no reason they can't contribute to saving money and helping the environment. Old newspaper makes great cat litter, or small pet bedding and there are a lot of recycled paper based cat litters available on the market. 7. Take showers instead of baths We all enjoy a relax in the bath but for every day bathing, you can't beat a shower. If everybody in a four person family replaced one bath a week with a 5 minute shower, you could save between £5 and £15 per year off your energy bill, not to mention savings on your water bill, so, opt for short, refreshing showers on a daily basis and keep baths to a minimum. Document Management & Imaging VersionOne

Save Money by Going Green

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Version One outlines 7 ways you can save money whilst still making a difference to your own personal carbon footprint and saving money


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