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7 Steps to Greener Driving

HITACHI Inspire the Next Seven steps to greener driving Sometimes we all need to use our cars. When you do, making a few simple changes to your driving habits can have a big impact: Anticipate the changes in traffic 3 flow by watching the road ahead 1 Try to avoid the need to accelerate or break sharply, maintaining a constant speed. A smooth driving style will reduce your fuel consumption and limit your CO2 emissions. Check your tyre pressure regularly Under-inflated tyres increase fuel consumption. Remove unnecessary weight from 3 your car This could mean taking the clutter out of the boot or removing your roofrack when you're not using it. Any extra weight will increase fuel consumption so make sure you're only transporting the things you'll need. Switch off your engine when idling 4 The Department for Transport suggests you switch off your engine if you anticipate you will be stationary for three minutes or more. Change gear Moving up a gear sooner than usual will improve fuel efficiency. Government advice is to move up R135 a gear when a petrol car reaches 2500rpm and at 2000rpm for diesel vehicles. 2 46 6. Limit the use of electrical devices Electrical equipment such as air conditioning and satellite navigation systems increase fuel consumption, only use them when you really need to. 7 Plan your journey Journey planning doesn't only help to manage driver stress and fatigue, efficient planning can reduce journey time and distance, using less fuel. Choosing a new car When you're planning to buy a new car think about choosing a vehicle that is more environmentally friendly. Consider what you will use the car for and choose one that meets your needs. If you usually travel alone, or have a small family, choose a smaller car. Smaller cars with smaller engines are usually more efficient. Find out how much it would cost you to lease a more environmentally friendly car: Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC Vehicle Solutions

7 Steps to Greener Driving

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Driving can be expensive and harmful to the environment. However, there are ways to reduce the costs and your carbon footprint at the same time. find out about 7 simple ways you can become a greener ...


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