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Planning Ahead for Safety

ARE YOUREADYFOR THERAINY SEASON? FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR HOME DURINGA FLOOD FLOOD SAFETY TIPS CEILING House ceiling sags from water and excess humidity. 10 HYDRODYNAMIC LOADS Can cause pressure 2 damage around your home, WHAT TO DO DURING A CARPET &FURNITURE Soaked carpets and upholstered furnitures can cause mircobal growth. FLOOD HARDWOOD FLOORS Buckle from moisture. 4 PROTECT YOUR CAR STOCK UP ON BATTERIES Move ground. It takes a little three inches of fast moving water to wash away a car. car to a higher e more than Prepare extra batteries and torches. SEWAGE BACK-UP + BATTERY Can lead to serious 5 health problems. BAT. CELLULOSE FULLY CHARGED PHONE Make sure you have a fully charged phone before the flood. It will allow you to contact emergency services. SECURE YOUR PETS Secure your pets upstairs and your livestock on higher ground to prevent them from drowning. Insulation is compromised. DRYWALL & GYPSUM 7 Can swell and break at the seams. DAMAGED FURNITURE DO NOT USE ELECTRICITY Do not attempt to use electricity anywhere in your home during the flood. AVOID CONTACT WITH FLOOD WATER The flood may damage 8 furniture, appliances and other properties not resilient to water. Avoid unncessary contact with water. It will contaminate your eyes, ears, nose throat and any open wound. WALLS AND FLOORS May crack or collapse due to hydrostatic loads. CONTACT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY FOUNDATIONS Contact your insurance company immediately. Do not begin repairs until they not given the go ahead. They will not pay fór damages they have not seen. May weaken from embedded silt and 10 soil. IS YOUR HOME READY? --- - - Depending on the region where you reside, you may be subject to heavy storms that can potentially damage or ruin your home without the proper precautions. So leam how to prepare your home for the rainy season in order to keep your family high and dry, and save yourself in repair costs. FLOOD RESTORATION COMPANY Contact a reputable flood restoration company to speed up the negotiations with the insurance company. Get your home back as soon as possible. UNDERSTANDING INSURANCE HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE POLICY COVERAGE FLOOD INSURANCE FACTS&COVERAGE BROKEN PIPE COVERS DIRECT RESULTS OF FLOODING. OVERFLOWING SINK REQUIRED IF YOU APPLIANCE HOSE BREAK PURCHASE A HOME IN A HIGH-RISK ZONE. OVERFLOWING TOILET 25%. OF ALL FLOOD WATER FROMA DAMAGE ROOF INSURANCE CLAIMS ARE FILED BY PEOPLE IN MEDIUM AND LOW RISK ZONES. SECURE RESTORATION IT IS ALSO REQUIRED IF CHANGES TO YOUR LOCAL FLOOD MAP ALTER YOUR FLOOD STATUS.

Planning Ahead for Safety

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The best way to avoid lightning, flash floods, and other dangerous conditions is by not being in danger in the first place. Many ways are available to gain weather information




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