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The Importance of Recycling in the UK

The Importance of Recycling in the UK And How You Can Help Within the Workplace hours the UK produces enough waste to fillthe Albert Hall. In less than It takes 75% 15m The energy saved by recycling the less energy to make a plastic bottle from recycled bottles we throw away a day plastic compared to one made solely from virgin materials. would save enough energy to continuously power a 60 watt light bulb for up to years 128e In Britain each year, we throw away a million tonnes of electronic waste - enough to fill Wembley Stadium six times over. 24 trees We use to make 1 tonne of new newspaper (150 Large Sunday papers) when it only takes 7 days for recycled paper to come back as paper again. Of the 65m 15% 85% It takes If everyone in UK offices saved 3,656,250 1staple 72 tonnes ink cartridges that are used in the UK only gallons of oil to manufacture the other a day, we would save are recycled. which will end up in UK landfills. of metal a year. Nearly 25% of waste electrical and electronic equipment that's taken to household waste recycling centres could be re-used, worth around On average 16% 1 £200m of the money you spend on a product pays for the packaging, which ultimately ends up as rubbish. gross a year. 16% Banana 16p T 55% of small businesses would recycle more if they had more access to better facilities. of people think that retailers should reduce the amount of packaging they use. Mintel March 2014 - The Green Consumer UK What can you do to cut back? Look for goods with less packaging or packaging which is easily recycled and avoiding plastic packaging where possible. Swap to electronic filing where possible. This will not only save you time when trying to locate files but also reduces the need for storage. Swap to re-usable crockery & silverware in staff kitchens 95% of the ink cartridges used in the UK are thrown to significantly reduce the amount of non-recyclable throw away. away after one use. Save waste by using refillable ink cartridges or ask your local shop whether they recycle cartridges. Check the manual or site of the manufacturers of your electronic goods. Many incorporate e-waste management into their environmental policies and operate consumer recycling schemes. Recycling Box are one of a number of charities that will collect and refurbish you old PC's and office electronics before Providing desktop recycling containers for employees can help to make recycling seem like less of a chore. putting them back to use. Talk to your local waste management provider to discuss collections of your used paper. The following link can help you find your nearest registered waste carrier: Slingsby Your workplace partner References: /business-case-reducing-waste /footprint-certification/carbon-trust-waste-standard dents/waste_and_recycling/recycling_in_schools/junior_environm ent_club/jeo_secure_area/junior_environmental_officer_f.aspx /business_waste/default.asp /FactSheets/Offices.htm als-and-waste-that-we-can-recycle/#.VBRItMJdXzg Mintel March 2014 - The Green Consumer UK KIN

The Importance of Recycling in the UK

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It's no longer enough for businesses to only look after the needs of their customers and suppliers. Now more than ever businesses are having to consider the effects of their actions on a large range o...


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