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Green machines?

PEOPLE POWER HOW MANY GYM-GOERS DOES IT TAKE TO POWER A LIGHTBULB? Can people pedaling electricity-producing exercise bikes power the world? Not quite If you're in decent shape, you can generate about 100 watts on a stationary bike. What's that good for? It depends on how long you can keep going. See below how much time you need to pedal to power each of the devices for an hour. To power a U.S. bome for a year you'd need. 4,600 PEOPLE pedaling for an entire day To power the U.S. state of Rhode Island for a year you'd need.. 1 2 18 MINUTES 30 MINUTES THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF CHINA Fluorescent light Laptop (1.3 billion people) pedaling for two and a balf days To power the entire United States for a year you'd need.. 1 HOUR 10 HOURS Fan Coffeemaker 14 HOURS 40 HOURS EVERY PERSON ON EARTH Vacuum cleaner Clothes dryer (6.92 billion people) pedaling for seven and a half months Wattages aaed compact lworescent light bulh, 30 W laptop, so W fan, 100 W cof fermaker, 1000 W wum cleaner, 140o W; electrie clothes dryer, 4000 W. Sources Energy Eficiency e Reneeable Energy/US. Department of Energy: Wikipedia Annual electricity consamption used: average US. home, 11 000 kilount-hours; Rhode Island, 8os billion kWh; Linited States, 3.74 trillion kWh. Source: LUS. Energy laformation Administrution

Green machines?

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Infographics originally done for IEEE Spectrum magazine examining the effectiveness of using exercise equipment to recapture energy back into the Grid.


IEEE Spectrum




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