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Green Building Trends in 2016 and Beyond

THE GREEN LIGHT Green Building Trends in 2016 and Beyond 2016 is slated to be a big year in construction. Here's an overview of the green building trends we can look forward to seeing. GREEN INSULATION Recycled insulation > traditional insulators. Recycled insulation is more efficient than traditional types. Types of Recycled Insulation Recycled Denim Insulation * Cellulose Insulation Recycled Fiberglass Insulation * Cellulose insulation is commonly made from newspaper (75–85% recycled material). 55% are willing to pay extra for products/services from companies that are committed to positive social and 55% environmental impact. Up from 45% in 2011. AUTOMATED ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Web-based systems designed to limit operating costs. Metrics are based on energy usage can be used to set operations times. This allows energy usage to become more predictable. Temperatures can be programmed to drift within a temperature range. This reduces costs without affecting comfort. "Idle Load" electricity accounts for roughly $19 billion a year. That averages to about $165 $165 per household. per household GREEN ROOFS Boosting property efficiency with a little vegetation. HNH Construction of Green Roofs Vegetation Growing Medium Root Barrier Drainage System Waterproof Layer Benefits for the Owner Expands roof life 2–3 Reduces carbon Reduces costs for times: up to 60 years monoxide impact heating and A/C Limits: Storm Water Runoff Smog Noise Energy Demand SOLAR Harnessing the power of the sun to save the planet .. and cash. A two-way meter connects the home with the energy grid. Excess wattage generated by the panels goes to the energy company. The homeowner is credited, usually $165-$200 $100-$200 a month. credited a month The Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit $4 30% allows taxpayers to claim a credit of 30% of expenditures for a system installed at their home. GEOTHERMAL =- HEATING AND COOLING Combining modern technology and age-old wisdom. A Geothermal Heat System extracts thermal energy using a: Geothermal Heat Pump The temperature at Ground Source 6 FT. Heat Exchanger 6 feet below ground is a constant 55–60 degrees Fahrenheit. SMART WINDOWS (AKA ELECTROCHROMIC GLASS) Adding voltage to windows to moderate temperatures. 66 98% 10%-15% Nanocrystals Electrochromic Inefficient embedded in a glass windows can reflect windows account material can block 98% of light, cutting air for 10%-25% of near-infrared light. conditioning usage. heating bills. WATER REUSE SYSTEMS Water conservation moves into the 21st Century. Worldwide, buildings use 15 trillion 13.6% gallons of water per year. of all potable water = 10,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions = 3,000 cars Installing 1 out of 100 American homes with water-efficient fixtures would save 80,000 This is equivalent to removing tons of greenhouse gas emissions. 15,000 cars from the road. ETO doors,20473692,00.html

Green Building Trends in 2016 and Beyond

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As consumers place more importance on evolving their communities to create more responsible, sustainable places to live, the construction industry has been forced to evolve as well to meet the needs o...


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