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Food & Energy

Food & Energy how we give it more than it gives us ENERGY USE BY FOOD 450 Beet Sugar Cane Sugar Fruit and Vegetables (Canned) Production Processing 316 Fruit and Vegetables (Frozen) Flour (Includes Blending of Flour) Baked Goods Packaging 1006 Breakfast Cereals Transportation 158 Meat Milk 340 Dehydrated Foods Fish (Frozen) Ice Cream Distribution Shopping 311 Chocolate Instant Coffee Home Preparation 457 Soft Drinks Wine, Brandy, Spirits Pet Food Total Energy 3065 Ice Production 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 0 5000 10000 15000 20000 ENERGY INPUTS FOR PROCESSING VARIOUS FOOD PRODUCTS ENERGY INPUT FOR A 455G CAN OF SWEET CORN (KCAL) FOR 1 KILOGRAM OF FOOD PRODUCED: ENERGY (MJ) LAND (SQUARE FEET) WATER (GALLONS) GHGS (KGCO2) 2114 12- 90 323 1850 80 10 270- 70 1586 60 215 1320 50 1056 161 40 792- 4 30 107 528 20 2 53 264 10 Poultry I Fats & Oils Eggs Alcoholic Beverages Fish Grains & Starches Dairy Products I Fruits and Vegetables Meat & Meat Products I Other (includes sugar) ENERGY BY FOOD BY SECTOR 1,600 FARM & AGRIBUSINESS 1,400 I FOOD PROCESSING + PACKAGING I FREIGHT SERVICES 1,200 1,000 1 WHOLESALE/TRADE 800 600 400 JLL. 200 ENERGY USE BY FOOD & PROCESS 1600 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 Farm & Food Processing Packaging Freight Services Wholesale/Trade Agribusiness I Sugar And Sweets I Dairy Products I Snacks, Canned, Etc. Pet Food Fresh Fruits I Alcoholic Beverages Pork Fats And Oils Products I Beverages I Baking Products I Poultry Products I Beef Other Meats I Eggs I Fresh Vegetables Fresh Dairy I Fish I Cereal Products I Processed Fruits/vegetables PROPORTION OF ENERGY USE BY FOOD TYPE 3% OTHER MEATS 4% PORK 10% ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES 4% PET FOOD 5% CEREAL PRODUCTS 10% BEVERAGES 5% FRESH VEGETABLES 5% BEEF 9% BAKING PRODUCTS CONSUMPTION OF PROCESSED + FRESH FOOD, BY COUNTRY I Fresh Foods | Processed Foods 800 600 400 200 200 400 600 800 United Spain France Mexico Japan Russia Brazil South China India States Africa SOURCES terreform Kling, Morhew, and lan Houch. The American Carbon Footrint: Understanding and Roducing Your Foods Inpact on Climate Change, White Paper. Brichter Plane, 2010 ergy use in food prooessing for nutrition and development. Dwid Pinentel and Marcia Pinentel. Comell University, College of Agricultuse and Life Scienoen snd Divin of Nutritinal Sciences. htp:www.unu odu unapreood XF072e8F072ED6.m Energy Flow in the US Food Svstern Life Cyele-Based Sudairbility Indiciors for Asenement of the US. Food Stem (CSS00-04) Heller, MC. and G.A. Keoleian (2000 http:/lcss Sare. unich edu'css doo CSSOL-06 pdt center for advanced urban research Energy use in food proceinu for trition and devekenent Dwid Pinetel and Marcia Pinentel, Conell University College of Agricuiture and Life Sciences and Division of Nutritioral Sciences *The Hidden Water We Use." National Geographic. Online. June 08 2012. http:/lenvironment enwironment freshurateriemboddedwaten Fairfiekd, Hannah "Factory Food" New York Times, 3 Apr. 2010. Web.

Food & Energy

shared by mparkin2 on Jun 15
A visualization of the relationship between food and energy.






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