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Are You A Mosquito Magnet

ARE YOU A Mosquito Magnet? MOSQUITO REPELLENTS Fact: mosquitoes are annoying little insects. But what really FACT OR MYTH? attracts and repels them? From bananas & beautyberries to blondes & bugzappers, you can find all the juicy details below! PEPPERMINT BEAUTYBERRY CATNIP GARLIC CITRONELLA VITAMIN B BUG ZAPPERS BATS OIL (CALLICARPA) FACT FACT FACT MYTH MYTH MYTH MYTH MYTH Mississippi folk remedy. 10 times more powerful than No link between Kills only a Vitamin B and Repels mosquitoes and larvae. Repels vampires Only effective 3 and dates, not mosquitoes. handful of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes makeup only a smallportion of diet. to 10 minutes DEET. after application. mosquito repellent. WHAT ATTR CTS A MOSQUITO? BLONDE HAIR PERFUME DARK COLORS BANANA Floral scents are especially attractive to mosquitoes. Blondes tend to be more Bananas help break down Dark colors capture heat and make most people more attractive to mosquitoes lactic acid, which mosquitoes than brunettes. attractive to mosquitoes. are attracted to. Lactic acid is broken down only if you're carrying extra stores, making this a myth. LARGER PERSON, MORE MOSQUITOES MOSQUITO FEEDIN G TIME DAWN DUSK Larger people tend to attract more mosquitos because of their greater relative heat or carbon dioxide. Choose midday or after dark to be out. Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk. so...HOW LONG DO MOSQUITO CONTROL PRODUCTS ACTUALLY LAST? MOSQUITO MAGNET®S CONTINUOUS Octenol & Lurex Attractants ENFORCER PROD. 4 wks. 2.5% Permethrin SKEETER DEFEATER AMMO INSECTICIDE SPRAY 2 wks. Pyrethrin A Botanical Insecticide OFF! DEEP WOODS 5 hrs. 23.8% DEET SAWYER CONTROLLED RELEASE 4 hrs. 20% DEET OFF! SKINTASTIC 2 hrs 6.65% DEET REPEL MOSQUITO STOP 2 hrs. 0.5% Permethrin REPEL LEMON EUCALYPTUS INSECT REPELLENT 2 hrs. Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus; p-menthane 3,8-diol (PMD) BITE BLOCKER FOR KIDS 1.5 hrs. 2% Soybean Oil OFF! SKINTASTIC FOR KIDS 1.5 hrs. 4.75% DEET SKIN-SO-SOFT BUG GUARD PLUS 23 min. 7.5% IR3535 NATRAPEL 20 min. 10% Citronella HERBAL ARMOR 19 min. 12% Citronella; 2.5% peppermint oil; 2% cedar oil; 1% lemongrass oil; 0.05% geranium oil GREEN BAN FOR PEOPLE 14 min. 10% Citronella; 2% peppemint oil BUZZ AWAY 14 min. 5% Citronella SKIN-SO-SOFT BUG GUARD 10 min. 0.1% Citronella SKIN-SO-SOFT BATH OIL 10 min. Active Ingredient not known SKIN-SO-SOFT MOISTURIZING SUNCARE 3 min. 0.05% Citronella GONE ORIGINAL WRISTBAND O min. 9.5% DEET REPELLO WRISTBAND O min. 9.5% DEET GONE PLUS REPELLING WRISTBAND o min. 9.5% DEET SOURCES American Mosquito Control Association, Collier Mosquito Control District, Scientific American, American Chemical Society, University of Mississippi, Rutgers University, Today's Health, ABC News, Purdue University Department of Entomology, University of Florida Entomology and Nematology Department MOSQUITO MAGNET MYTH

Are You A Mosquito Magnet

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