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12 Amazing Facts About Mermaids

12 fAmazing Facts bout Mermaids The earliest Mermaid Legends come from Syria Dating back to 1000bc, Atargatis from Syria is the "original" mermaid. Legend has it that she dove into a lake to become a fish, but only her bottom half was transformed. Sea Cows (Manatees) were often mistaken for 2, Mermaids Sea cows are large mammals that were often mistaken by sailors out at sea. Christopher Columbus was reported to have seen "Ugly & Fat Mermaids". Mermaids have 4 unique superpowers 3. The 4 powers of Mermaids are Immortality, Seeing the Future, Telepathy and Hypnosis. There are 4 main type of Mermaids • Traditional mermaids - Sea dwelling only mermaids • Irish shedding mermaids - Can shed their tail and walk on land • Shape Shifters - Can change to human form when required • Merfolk - Human looking mermaids that live on the land and sea. Many other variations have been described in ancient texts and folklore. Aquamarine Is from The word Mermaid means Mermaid 'Women of the sea' Tears In old english 'Mer' means Sea and 'Maid' means It is believed that this Women. ocean gemstone is made from the tears of mermaids. Mermaids are Mermen came first featured in over 16 The merman Babylonian God Oannes was around 7000 years before Atargatis. (see Amazing Fact 1 above) movies Mermaids have played a part in some fantastic movies including Disneys 'The Little Mermaid', Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire and Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides MERM A Mermaid Kiss gives you gills According to ancient folklore a kiss from a mermaid gives the ability to breath underwater. Mermaids don't have a great singing voice 10 Traditionally mermaids don't have a great singing voice. Sirens were the original singing merfolk. The most expensive mermaid tail cost over £10,000 The hydro-dynamic tail, which weighs 35lb is owned by Linden Wolbert, 32, from Los Angeles who travels the world as a full-tìme professional mermaid. e Caters News Agency The colour of a mermaids tail depicts her Mood The colour of a mermaids is a clear sign of the mood of the mermaid. It reflects the mermaid's personality! O Mermaid Tail Fabric curtesy of UraMermaid Limited. 2015 O Copyright 2015 | All rights reserved |

12 Amazing Facts About Mermaids

shared by jalexcooper on Jul 10
Mermaids are surrounded by stories and tails that go back thousands of years. We’ve been doing some research and put together some of the best facts we could find. Here are 12 facts about mermaids.


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