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Zombie Survival Gear

Khếi ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GEAR THE 13 ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE NEXT ZOMBIE OUTBREAK? MAKE SURE TO KEEP THIS GEAR AT THE READY. ALSO, LEARN THE FIVE CRITICAL SKILLS THAT'LL HELP KEEP YOU FROM BECOMING ESSENTIALS A SNACK FOR RAVENOUS HORDES OF FLESH-EATING GHOULS. FIELD SAFETY GUIDE FIRST AID KIT CARGO POCKETS PROVIDE QUICK ACCESS TO SMALL ITEMS CARDS 10 STORMPROOF MATCHES CARRY THIS GEAR IN YOUR PACK AT ALL TIMES. %3D 11 12 MOLTEN 13 HYDRATION PACK Keep one step ahead of the horde. Stay hydrated on the go. ENERGY FOODS If you want to stay alive, keep your energy levels high. 4 MINI PLAYING CARDS Great for playing poker with fellow survivors. When your friends are gone, there's always solitaire. 3 STORMPROOF MATCHES They light up no matter how horrifying the weather. MOLESKIN/FIRST AID One blister is more dangerous to you than ten zombies. Apply moleskin immediately. (See figure 2 below.) 5 SURVIVAL KNIFE When the dead walk the earth, make a sharp blade your new best friend. III// 7 TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT HAND-CRANK RADIO Scan the airwaves for the latest Handy for scouting dark locations and can temporarily disorient an approaching zombie. (See figure 4 below.) updates about safe zones. No batteries required. 9 UTILITY CORD Early zombie detection system. Set up trip-wire alarms around your campsite. (See figure 5 below.) 10 SIGNAL MIRROR Be ready to flash one when the rescue chopper flies overhead. (See figure 3 below.) 11 INSULATED VEST Allows excellent range of motion for chores such as chopping up 12 CAST-IRON SKILLET Cooking tool and a blunt instrument with awesome zombie-stopping power. (See figure 1 below.) wood and zombies. 13 TRAIL SHOES Move fast to avoid the walkers. Trail shoes provide stability and support on a wide variety of terrain. Don't give zombies anything to eat. Stay on your feet. WARNING EVACUATE URBAN AREAS TO REDUCE CHANCE OF ZOMBIE ENCOUNTERS. 5 CRITICAL ZOMBIE SURVIVAL SKILLS Fig. 1| Neutralizing a zombie with a cast-iron skillet. 1. STANCE 2. AIM FOR THE HEAD 3. FOLLOW THROUGH Fig. 2| Applying moleskin to a blister. 1. FOLD SECTION OF MOLESKIN MOLESKIN IN HALF. BLISTER 2. CUT OUT CENTER OF MOLESKIN. 3. ATTACH OVER BLISTER. Fig. 3| Using a signal mirror. 1. HOLD THE MIRROR CLOSE TO YOUR FACE WITH ONE HAND. 2. STRETCH OUT YOUR OTHER ARM (THE "SIGHTING ARM") & FORMA "V" WITH TWO FINGERS. 3. AIM THE SUN'S REFLECTION ONTO THE V. 4. MOVE THEV AND MIRROR TOGETHER TO DIRECT REFLECTION AT TARGET. Fig. 4| Disorienting a zombie with a tactical flashlight. 1. SHINE LIGHT IN ZOMBIE'S EYES. 2. RUN! Fig. 5| Zombie trip-wire alarm. 1. ATTACH ONE END OF UTILITY CORD TO A FIXED OBJECT. TYING A BOWLINE 2. STRETCH CORD 1. ACROSS PATHWAY. 2. 3. ATTACH OTHER END 3. OF CORD TO ALARM DEVICE. FIND MORE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GEAR AT REI.COM RECOMMENDED ZOMBIE RESEARCH MATERIALS ARTICLES/VIDEOS REI Expert Advice Article: Emergency Preparedness Dead Alive (1992) Diary of the Dead (2007) REI Zombie Preparedness Video Fido (2006) BOOKS Adams, J.J. (ed.). The Living Dead. (2008) Land of the Dead (2005) Brooks, M. World War Z. (2007) Night of the Living Dead (1968) The Zombie Survival Guide. (2003) Shaun of the Dead (2004) Grahame-Smith, S. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. (2009) Survival of the Dead (2009) King, S. Cell. (2006) The Return of the Living Dead (1985) Kirkman, R. The Walking Dead. (2003-) The Walking Dead (2010-) Wellington, D. Monster Island. (2006) Zombieland (2009) FILM/TV Dawn of the Dead (1978) WEBSITES Boy Scouts of America Day of the Dead (1985) Gerber BAR BARS

Zombie Survival Gear

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Zombie outbreaks happen. Gear up with REI to avoid getting eaten by moaning masses of undead cannibals. This infographic provides an overview of the 13 essential pieces of equipment you'll need and pr...




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