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What the Flux?

WHAT THE FLUX? HOW THE FLUX CAPACITOR WDORKS FLUX FACTS TUME TRAVEL THE FLUDX CAPICITOR IS THE CORE COMPONENT OF TINE TRAVEL. In order for the Flux Capacitor to be effective, it must be energized with exactly 1.21 "jig-a-watts" of energy. Therefore, the FC must be powered by a small nuclear reactor that uses plutonium as its fuel. A bolt of lightning will also do the trick. POWER SOURCE FUX = FLOW OF TINE THE FLUX CAPACITOR CAPICITOR= TEMPORARY STORAGE DEVICE FOR FLOW OF TINE THE FLACX CAPICITOR REQUIRES 1.21 GIGANUTTS ("JIG-A-MAITTS") OF 2. When 1.21 "jig-a-watts" of energy pulses through the flux capacitor, the blue rods conduct the massive flow of energy into the three capacitors which do two things: A) Convert the positive energy to negative energy, 8) Open a wormhole accessible at exactly 88 mph POWER TO OPERATE. 88 RPH THE FLUDX CAPICITOR MAKES TIME TRAVEL POSSIBLE BY NSING THE ORIGIN POINT AS A POINT OF REFERENCE TO TRANS- LATE WHAT THE PRIVER MONTS INTO SONETHING THIT THE AMIVERSE CAN AIMDERSTAND. WORMHOLE The all-steel chassis of the DeLorean provides a shield of protection for the massive amounts of negative energy being conducted. It has a direct effect on the overall flux dispersal allowing for smooth pessage through the space time continuum. The steel chassis also provides protection during reentry from the wormhole which can be a rather jarring experience. ALL STEEL 0O GREAT SCOTT! The flux capacitor proves that the time space continuum is circular in nature causing the time machine to appear in the same exact location (in the past or future) as to where it first entered the wormhole upon reaching the ideal speed of 88 mph. 4. Hl Valley Bard Hill Valley Mall T.S.C. 1985 1955 sloshspotk

What the Flux?

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Great Scott! Back to the Future’s Doc Brown created his time machine more than 25 years ago but that doesn’t mean fans haven’t been trying to figure out how the flux capacitor works for all thes...


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