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The Ultimate Arnold Action Cheat Sheet

THE ULTIMATE ARNOLD ACTION CHEAT SHEET CONAN I & II (1982, 1984) THE TERMINATOR (1984) COMMANDO (1985) Total Kills: 54 combined (27 in each) Total Kills: 21 Total Kills: 81 Physique: Mr. Olympia Physique: "Jesus Christ he's big." Physique: Primobolan Plot: An excuse for Schwarzenegger to swing Plot: A cyborg assassin goes back in time to Plot: Vet kills the population of Rhode Island to around a sword. thwart a one-night stand. rescue his little girl. Money Quote: "Argargaragargahahh!" Money Quote: "Il be back." Money Quote: "Let off some steam, Bennett!" Ringer Co-Star: James Earl Jones/Wilt the Stilt Ringer Co-Star: Linda Hamilton Ringer Co-Star: David Patrick Kelly Unintentional Comedy Ranking: 8 Unintentional Comedy Ranking: 4 Unintentional Comedy Ranking: 9.5 PREDATOR (1987) THE RUNNING MAN (1987) TOTAL RECALL (1990) Total Kills: 25 Total Kills: 11 Total Kills: 44 Physique: Otherworldly Physique: Spandex ready Physique: Sharon Stone slinging Plot: The hunters become the hunted -- by Plot: Ah-nuld's forced onto a deadly game Plot: Arnie gets his ass back to Mars. an alien with dreadlocks. show in a bright yellow unitard. Wait, does he? Money Quote: "Get to the chopper!" Money Quote: "Here's Subzero. Now plain zero." Money Quote: "See you at the party, Richter" Ringer Co-Star: Jesse Ventura Ringer Co-Star: Jim Brown Ringer Co-Star: Michael Ironside Unintentional Comedy Ranking: 7.5 Unintentional Comedy Ranking: 10 Unintentional Comedy Ranking: 11 TERMINATOR 2 (1991) TRUE LIES (1994) TERMINATOR 3 (2003) Total Kills: 0 Total Kills: 51 Total Kills: 2 Physique: Still bad to the bone Physique: Looked great next to Tom Arnold Physique: CGI enhanced? Plot: New, improved "melty" Terminator returns Plot: Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Except Mrs. Smith Plot: The robots are still pissed that to eliminate bastard orphan. is effing clueles8. sperm made it through. Money Quote: "Hasta la vista, baby." Money Quote: “You're fired!" Money Quote: “Talk to the hand." Ringer Co-Star: Robert Patrick Ringer Co-Star: Bill Paxton Ringer Co-Star: Kristanna Loken Unintentional Comedy Ranking: 9 Unintentional Comedy Ranking: 7 Unintentional Comedy Ranking: 3 *Kill stats courtesy of

The Ultimate Arnold Action Cheat Sheet

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Get the lowdown on Schwarzenegger's various body counts from each of his action-packed ventures. (California Governorship exempt.)




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