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The Future According To Films

THE FUTURE ACCORDING TO FILMS + a couple of TV shows an infographic by @TremulantDesign WARNING: HERE BE SPOILERS! Some plot twists hinge on time-travel or the setting in time of the film. Descriptions may also contain important plot points. Did you know? 1 The events of Avatar occur inbetween Alien and Aliens 1 In about 6 to 7 years, reality TV will get quite violent Despite all the dystopia in the future, there's plenty of shenanigans Using the timeline below, study the upcoming years and prepare accordingly. 2011 YOU ARE HERE 2012 2012 I Am Legend The end of the world? Well just in case, Zombies take over the world. let's see what could happen... A scientist and his dog try and find a cure. 2013 A Scanner Darkly Escape From L.A. Totalitarianism, Substance D, Funky-rotoscope-suits. Los Angeles is now an island, abandoned by authority and ruled by anarchy. 2015 Robocop 1/2 Back To The Future Pt.2 The 6th Day Jaws 19 debuts at theatres, Human Cloning, Dystopian society, Cyborg police officer fights crime. Hoverboards. Shenanigans. 2017 Surrogates The Running Man Everyone has remote control bodies, as real bodies aren't as sexy. Convicts fight for their lives in game shows for our amusement. 2018 Terminator Salvation Rollerball We attempt to overthrow 'Skynet', our evil robotic overlords. Ultra-violent gameshows, Corruption. 2019 Blade Runner Akira The Island Rogue androids eluding their creators, and Unicorns. Biker gangs rule the streets, Telekenisis fucks shit up. Human Cloning, Shenanigans. 2020 Robocop 3 Mission To Mars Cyborg police officer is still We go to Mars, Discover alien life. on the beat, crime continues. 2021 Sealab 2021 A team of scientists live on an underwater base, explode frequently. 2024 Highlander 2: The Quickening Immortal Scottish Highlander turns out to be an alien, we already pretend this never happened. 2027 Children Of Men Babylon A.D. Humans have become infertile, Russian cities have become slums, Southern England resembles Half Life 2. A cult tries to experiment with genetics. 2029 Terminator 1/2 Ghost In The Shell Cyborg cops run around half naked, Crime mainly takes place online. Our evil robotic creations send back assassins to preve their destruction. 2032 Demolition Man Ghost In The Shell 2 Cryogenics, Taco Bell, Wiping with 3 seashells. Sex-robots turn on their owners, Human/machine boundary becomes blurred. 2033 Tank Girl We run out of water, Kangaroos can talk. 2034 Gamer We control convicts in real-life video games. 2035 12 Monkeys I, Robot Humans live underground, Robots are used to perform menial tasks, but they get smart... Experiment with time-travel. 2038 V For Vendetta Britain is ruled by a totalitarian government, An uprising is led by a masked man. 2043 The Book Of Eli In post-apocalyptic America, everyone wants to lay their hands on a book. 2046 Doom A research centre on Mars unleashes demons from another galaxy. 2047 Event Horizon Hell is brought back from a black hole, don't volunteer for the rescue party. 2054 Minority Report Precognitive mutated humans can predict murders, Crime rates plummet. 2057 Sunshine The sun starts to die, We send nukes. 2058 Lost In Space Earth becomes uninhabitable due to pollution, we start a mission to colonise another planet. 2065 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Earth is infested by aliens, scientists try to fight them using mystical spirits. 2071 Cowboy Bebop A terrorist threatens to release a deadly virus on Mars, bounty hunters are called in to save the day. 2072 Equilibrium Art is banned, we live in totalitarian society, yoga and gunplay is combined. 2084 Total Recall Mars is colonised, air is a commodity, Shenanigans. 2100 The Jetsons We all fly around in bubble cars, Shenanigans. 2122 Alien Alien life is discovered; it's nasty. Shady corporations attempt to unnsuccessfully contain it. 2139 Judge Dredd Aside from megacities, Earth is a wasteland. Judges are a combination of police, jury and executioner. 2151 Vanilla Sky We can be cryogenically frozen, woken up in the future, and your money isn't worth shit anymore. 2154 Avatar We can remote-control huge blue feline-sapiens, learn their ways, pillage their world, and ravish their women. 2179 Aliens Alien 3 Nasty aliens come back, Terrorise a colony, we send roughnecks. They're still not dead, and this time they are after inmates on a remote prison-planet. 2199 The Matrix / Reloaded / Revolutions We all live in a big battery, under the influence of a virtual reality, while machines use our bodies for energy. Or do we? 2205 Bicentennial Man Robots are officially recognised as human, Human/Robot marriages commence. 2263 The Fifth Element Flying cars, aliens, annoying radio hosts, and our future depends on a red-headed girl. 2271 Star Trek: The Motion Picture An alien force threatens Earth, we send a spaceship to investigate. Aftwerwards, the ship goes on a wander across the universe. 2274 Logan's Run To combat overpopulation in a dystopian society, we kill everyone once they reach the age of 21. 2371 Star Trek: Generations A renegade scientist goes on a mad rampage, destroying star systems. We try and stop him. 2375 Star Trek: Insurrection We try and stop the invasion of another planet, and save their indigenous people. 2379 Alien Resurrection We missed the nasty aliens so much, we decided to clone them. Shenanigans. 2415 Æon Flux Scientists rule over a dystopian world, cloning and fighting aplenty. 2455 Jason X Earth is polluted, we live on "Earth 2" psychopath tries to kill people for the tenth time. 2500 The Fountain People float around outer space in bubbles, meditating next to big trees. 2517 Serenity Humanity has moved to another star system, Totalitarianism and Shenanigans. 2578 Pitch Black We can transport people across the galaxy with cryogenics, but some planets have scary shit on them. 2583 The Chronicles Of Riddick There's a universe... And an underverse where death has no meaning. 2688 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure We send a guy back in time to make sure some rock music is preserved to evolve into the value system of a utopian society. 2691 Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey Someone tries to send robots back in time to stop the above from happening. Shenanigans. 2805 WALL·E Earth is abandoned and covered in trash, robots stick around to clean it up. 2989 Millenium Humans are infertile, we travel back in time to steal pregnant women. 3000 Futurama Battlefield Earth Aliens enslave Earth, and other tales from Scientology. Let's hope Futurama happens. Aliens live on Earth, Shenanigans. 3028 Titan A.E. Earth is destroyed, Humans launch an exodus to another planet. 3955 Planet Of The Apes Damn dirty apes have evolved to be the dominant race, Humans are hunted and enslaved. 10191 Dune A magical spice allows us to fuel space exploration, If you're fat, you can float around instead of walking. 802701 The Time Machine Humans have de-evolved and diverged into 2 species: lazy grape eating layabouts, and nocturnal labouring beasts. 3001988 Red Dwarf The last living human wakes from cryogenic freezing, proceeds to eat Pot Noodles and play guitar.

The Future According To Films

shared by TremulantDesign on Aug 24
A look into the future, based on films and TV shows


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