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Is Music Really Getting Worse?

ISMUSIC REALLYGETTIG WORSE? ACCORDING TO THE STATISTICS THE ANSWER IS A RESOUNDING YES!** We have all heard someone moaning that music these days is not as good as it once was, but could there possibly be some truth in what they say? At we wanted to find out, so we decided to approach the question scientifically. Combining two recent polls by the experts at Rolling Stone Magazine and NME, we ended up with a list of 803 albums that are widely considered the greatest of all time. The release date of each album was then examined to determine exactly when most of the best music was made. Check out the data below to find out what we discovered. BEST ALBUMS OF ALL TIME BY YEAR OF RELEASE Not many of the chosen albums originate from the 1950s, however works by legends such as Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Buddy Holly and Little Richard are still thought of today as worthy for inclusion. As the decade when rock 'n' roll first became popular, many artists from this era went on to inspire future stars. With the release of Help! and Rubber Soul from The Beatles, The Who's My Generation and Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan, it's no surprise that there is a spike in the graph here. The mid sixties saw the emergence of a worldwide cultural revolution and the music of the era provided the perfect soundtrack for it. 1950s 1965 30 Marina 25 wwhen 20 15 10 1952 1960 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 1981 1969-1973 There are a high number of albums on the list during this four year period, including four from Led Zeppelin, three from The Rolling Stones and three from Neil Young. With the end of the hippy movement, it was a rockier sound that dominated the charts for the next few years. There is a noticeable drop in the early eighties. With the end of the punk and disco era, there was a void that had yet to be filled by the classic pop music that is associated with the rest of the decade. Just one year later in 1982, Michael Jackson unleashed Thriller on the world and Prince's 1999 got things back on track. 1994 Sadly since 2006 the number of new albums released that are considered amongst the best of all time has continued to fall. Notable exceptions include works by Kanye West, Vampire Weekend and MGMT. The mid nineties saw another creative peak with a strong alternative music scene in the USA and the emergence of Britpop in the UK. Albums by Oasis, Radiohead, Hole and The Smashing Pumpkins are all still held in high regard. 2006-2014 TOP ALBUMS BY DECADE 1980s 16.6% 1970s 29.5% 1990s 20.7% 1960s 14.6% 2000s 14.3% 1950s 2010s 1.7% 2.6% TOP 20 MOST FEATURED ARTISTS Bob Dylan 1o The Beatles 10 The Rolling Stones 10 Bruce Springsteen 8 The Who 7 Bob Marley 5 Led Zeppelin 5 Elton John 5 U2 5 Radiohead 5 David Bowie 5 Bob Marley and the Wailers 5 The Police 4 Grateful Dead 4 Stevie Wonder 4 Talking Heads 4 Pink Floyd 4 Sly and the Family Stone 4 The Smiths 4 The Byrds 4 Data compiled from the 803 top albums of all time as selected by & LovemyVouchers Copyright © 2014

Is Music Really Getting Worse?

shared by lindablandine on Feb 18
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There will always be someone we know complaining that music is not what it used to be, but are they just a bunch of old cynics, or are they absolutely right. Taking the top 803 albums of all time ...


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