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How Much Do Your Favourite Bands Charge To Play A Show?

HOW MUCH do your FAVOURITE BANDS CHARGE TO play a show Ever wondered how much your favourite band gets paid when they play a show or, perhaps more importantly, how much they'd charge to play your party, wedding or corporate event? ONE DIRECTION 1 (s2,000,000) £1,300,000 Being Britain's best-selling boy band of all time certainly isn't bad for their wallets, with the lads netting in the region of £1.3 million per show. Hopefully at this price they'll deliver the best songs ever. PRINCE 2 (s1,750,000) £1,150,000 Fancy booking Prince for a birthday celebration? You'd need to be a pop star yourself to cover the £1.15 million fee he charges to perform, a price which would make even doves cry! ROLLING STONES (s1,500,000) £975,000 Being one of rock's longest serving acts doesn't always net you the highest fee, however The Rolling Stones certainly do better than cashing in on their state pensions at £975,000 per performance and are sure to provide a night full of satisfaction. Madonna 4 (s1,000,000+) £650,000+ Having achieved 45 number ones and spent 33 years as a pop star, it isn't surprising that Madonna reportedly charges upwards of £650,000 for a night of music. BRUNO MARS (s900,000) £590,000 Arguably one of pop's fastest rising stars in recent years, booking Bruno Mars will need a budget in excess of half a million pounds, however to have him "Marry You' at your wedding, it's a bargain! (s615,000) £400,000 They may have sung 'All The Small Things' but their fee certainly isn't one of those small things at over £400,000 a night. No wonder they got back together after their hiatus! COLDPLAY 7 (s450,000) £290,000 Once Britain's biggest band, the fee which Coldplay charge today suggests they're not what they once were, however for £290,000 they'll be sure to fix you up with a show. KANYE WEST 8. (s300,000) £200,000 Were Glastonbury on a budget this year? Compare to previous headliners The Rolling Stones, Kanye West's a bargain at £200,000. We wonder if his guarantee will go up if he gets elected for President in 2020? E3limpbizkit (s270,000) £175,000 If you fancy having Limp Bizkit come rollin' in to play, it'll still cost you £175,000 a show some 10 years after most people forgot that Nu Metal ever existed in the first place! NOEL GALLAGHER 10 (s175,000) e115,000 Noel Gallagher can't do too badly now that he's out on his own, charging £115,000 a show whilst not having to share any of the money with his little brother, Liam who we're sure will be looking back in anger! HONORABLE MENTION VILLAGE РEOPLE Who wouldn't want to have The Village (s23,000) £15,000 People performing YMCA at their wedding? After all, it has been voted one of the top 10 most annoying wedding songs of all time but that's what makes it so fun! Yours for just £15,000! A steal if you ask us. CREATED BY BAND HIRE UK BANDHIRE.UK SOURCES

How Much Do Your Favourite Bands Charge To Play A Show?

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Ever wondered how much your favourite band charges to play a show? We put together a fantastic infographic which looks at 11 acts from One Direction through to Blink 182, Madonna and even The Village ...


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