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Machines in the Movies

MACHINES IN THE MOVIES How much computing power lies behind big-budget films? In movies, rendering is a technique used to put textures onto computer graphics, adding effects such as light reflection and shading that help the final images to look realistic. For a whole film, this means a dizzying amount of information needs to be stored and processed by computers - if you don't believe us, just take a look at the data below! ...the amount 1. RENDER HOUR EQUALS... of rendering one processor core can do in an hour. REEL WORLD REAL WORLD ABOUT 2,288 YEARS OVER 20URS MILLION RENDER 2007 for a single processor core rendering non-stop. By itself, it would have been rendering since the Roman era. for Shrek the Third. WHICH IS NEARLY 5,900 NEARLY -25 MILLION RENDER HOURS DUAL-LAYER DVDS OF DATA 2008 OR 1,000 + 50 terabytes of data for Kung Fu Panda. BLU-RAY DISKS THAT'S EQUIVALENT TO 72 1,728 RENDER HOURS PER FRAME 2009 RENDER HOURS .IIIIIIIIIIII FOR EVERY SECOND OF FILM for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. NEARLY 200,000 100 terabytes of storage 2009 for Monsters vs. Aliens HOURS OF AUDIO recorded at CD quality. .............. PETABYTE OF STORAGE 1 PETABYTE IS THE AMOUNT OF NEW DATA GENERATED IN ABOUT for the whole of Avatar 2009 + 40,000 PROCESSORS 3д DAYS DEALING WITH 7-8 BY EVERY gigabytes of data a second SINGLE PERSON ON FACEBOOK COMBINED! in the final week of production. ROUGHLY 2010 -54 MILLION RENDER HOURS 6,177 || YEARS for a single processor core to render the same footage - right back to the start of the Bronze Age. for the whole of Megamind. NEARLY 24,000 2010 DUAL-LAYER DVDS 200 TERABYTES OR 4,000 of stored and managed data for Clash of the Titans. BLU-RAY DISKS ABOUT 7,191/ 2011 63URS MILLION RENDER YEARS of total rendering. A single processor + 117 terabytes of data would have needed to start around the time rice was first farmed in China. for Puss In Boots. A TOTAL OF MILLION RENDER HOURS 2011 1,600 YEARS per day in the final week of production for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. of rendering in the last week alone. Some shots required nearly CLOSE TO 120 2012 1TB DUAL-LAYER DVDS FOR THE BIGGEST INDIVIDUAL SHOTS OR of data 20 BLU-RAY DISKS A modern day film contains thousands of shots. for Prometheus. Brought to you by Brocade. Seus htp// - hmp://www.cgsocietyorg/inde. php/CGSFestures/CGSFeeturescecia/rometheus hmp// inbootsKE2BONDO-comes-aive with-technolegyfrom-hp LOg/w/threkanchise) mo// TR/totairendertinme hours-uned welliknown groductions 4118/ htp:// The Sun-D-secrets-behindhe 3com-moviehtmi htp// powemousebehird-avata2/ hmp//ranstomemevs.biogspot.oouk2011/07/5hingsatout dotmsvisualefects.htmi - htp// gars bainbeminsilcon velley 2.

Machines in the Movies

shared by Beyondroid on Nov 15
Technology company Brocade, specializing in data and storage networking products, created an infographic showing just how much computing power lies behind big-budget CGI films such as Avatar, Kung Fu ...






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