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Movie IT Mistakes

Movie IT Mistakes by Lliver Hansen The Social Network (2010) During one of the earlier scenes when Mark is developing his match up project, he is working on a computer outfitted with Windows Vista as evidenced through the upper left logo. Vista was not available until January 30, 2007. Live Free or Die Hard (2007) As Gabriel is starting the download from Woodlan to the "portable" server set up by his men, the progress bar shows "O of 500TB used". Even with today's harddrives, one would need to carry 250 to 500 harddrives to reach this capacity. SWORDFISH (2001) Worms are not created in AutoCAD. Ever. Period. Does not happen, cannot happen. Building design work and the like is done in AutoCAD. Viruses and worms are coded out by hand or created with a generator by slackers that don't know the code and then compiled into executables. OFFICE SPACE (1999) All of the computers show a Mac OS when they're booted up. However, when Peter is shutting his computer down to try to escape his boss, the computer shuts down to a C: prompt. For those not technically minded, a C: prompt is only seen on IBM-compatible PCs, never on Mac. Following on the previously submitted mistake about the MacOS and the C: prompt, when Michael is loading the penny-fraction program he is using a Mac but his hand is on a two-button mouse, which Macs don't have. THE NET (1995) Angela finds the Praetorian's IP while using the PC in the Cathedral's bank: it's 23.75.345.200. They want us to believe that this is an IP, but no IP can contain numbers greater than 255. Sandra Bullock uses her laptop computer to do word processing but when you see a close-up of the screen the program in use is a spreadsheet.

Movie IT Mistakes

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