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Lip Syncing Not Knocking Luster Off Beyonce Halftime Show

NETWORKED |INSIGHTS. Putting a ring ON THE SUPER BOWL How Super Bowl fans feel ABOUT BEYONCÉ PERFORMING AT HALFTIME Top 5 songs Beyoncé fans WANT TO HEAR AT THE SUPER BOWL POSITIVE 19% NEUTRAL 77% //% NEGATIVE 4% #1-LOVE ON TOP #4 - SINGLE LADIES #2 - END OF TIME - RUN THE WORLD #3 - HALO "I still can't believe they're interrupting a Beyoncé concert with the Super Bowl" Recent share of conversation of BRANDS DISCUSSED ALONG WITH BEYONCÉ "So Beyoncé is doing the super bowl halftime show? Stop it. I am more excited about the halftime show than the superbowl now. #ohmylanta" 2% 2% 3% - House of Deréon 9% - L'Oréal How Pepsi's Chevrolet MEDIA MAVENS PERFORMED LIVE 50% * Total number of Pepsi-related conversations over the last 12 months - H&M 34% 1 Heat Perfume 81700 Nicki Minaj 1 Pepsi 56065 Beyoncé Beyoncé fans responded positively to her selection as H&M spokeswoman. Other conversations, however, indicate feelings of oversaturation by Beyoncé, due to her multiple endorsement deals. 11193 Britney Spears 7959 Katy Perry 40000 80000 Most discussed #1 #2 How does BEYONCÉ COMPARE TO HER PEERS? DESTINY'S CHILD SONGS BY FANS * #3 * Over the last 3 months * Over the last 12 months, share of voice by female performer 35000 Rihanna 27% 30000 Nicki Minaj 20% 25000 Lady Gaga 16% 20000 Katy Perry 12% 15000 Beyoncé Knowles 12% 10000 Adele 10% 5000 Nuclear Survivor Bootylicious Destiny's Child fans are hoping that their favorites will be performed at the Super Bowl. “Nuclear" has attracted a lot of attention because it's their first new song in years, however Destiny's Child & Beyoncé fans are largely disappointed with it. TOP BEYONCÉ-RELATED CONVERSATIONS FOLLOWING THE PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION Lip-sync Controversy – Stimulating 5% more conversation than the presidential inauguration, debates erupted on social media about whether her lip-sync was acceptable or not, with many comparing it to Whitney Houston's controversial (she lip-synced too) Super Bowl XXV National Anthem performance 31% 30% Presidential Inauguration – Beyoncé performance had a huge impact on her overall conversation, with any viewers pleased that she had “nailed" it 13% Power Couple – The focus of social activity for Beyoncé and Jay-Z's relationship centers around them as the perfect "power couple" and their stylish inauguration attire 7% E Rihanna – The rivalry between fans of the two divas had many debating whether or not Rihanna could've performed better at the inauguration 7% 1 Super Bowl – While the Super Bowl was not (yet) a big topic immediately following the inauguration, only 13% of the Super Bowl-related Beyoncé conversations had to do with people concerned that she’ll lip-sync again XLVII б% Kelly Clarkson – Viewers thought that both artists performed admirably at the inauguration, yet they thought more poorly of Beyoncé due to her lip-sync controversy 5% & Her Songs – Even with the lip-sync scandal, the #BeyHive won't stop talking about their favorite songs TOP RECENT SUPER BOWL CONVERSATIONS RELATED TO BEYONCÉ'S HALFTIME PERFORMANCE Wonder if she's also going to lip-sync this performance (and while the conversation is very polarized, it is still trending positively for Beyoncé) 26% Still excited about watching her halftime show 30% 19% Looking forward to the Destiny's Child reunion 2% Drawing comparisons to Whitney Houston's controversial Super BowI XXV lip-sync (conversations are trending positively towards Beyoncé) Networked Insights' analysis was performed using SocialSense, the first marketing decisions platform used by brand advertisers, innovative marketers, and entertainment companies to extract consumer insights and real-time trends from social data. NETWORKED INSIGHTS.

Lip Syncing Not Knocking Luster Off Beyonce Halftime Show

shared by NetworkedInsights on Feb 02
Beyonce's recent performance of the National Anthem has added to the already significant buzz around the singer's upcoming Super Bowl performance. Networked Insights analyzed the conversation around t...


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