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How Each Game of Thrones House Would Approach Corproate IT

HOW EACH GAME OF THRONES HOUSE WOULD APPROACH CORPORATE I.T. What if the Great Houses of Westeros produced CIOs? Here's a fun thought exercise about how each of the prominent clans would approach corporate IT. House Stark = Risk-averse IT %3D For the Starks, winter is coming, so they're always planning for the worst. (Can't blame them, can you? They're decimated and in disarray.) A Stark CIO is sure to beef up their disaster recovery, security, and business continuity capabilities. House Greyjoy= Bootstrap IT The Ironborn don't sow...they only harvest what others have sown. So Greyjoy CIOS don't like to invest for the long-term because like the Greyjoys, they really can't. With so few resources, they always start from a zero-budget %3D House Arryn= Ivory Tower IT basis and devote their House Arryn likes to hide out in high places. Perched comfortably inside the Eyrie, they think they can be uninvolved in kingdom politics. Similarly, CIOS from House Arryn like to remove themselves from the C-suite fray, isolating themselves in their own siloes, content to just "keep the infrastructure going." The classic "server-hugging" CIO. time to fighting the fires in front of them. House Tully = Compliant IT House Tully is the duty-bound clan. With words like "Family, duty, honor" as their House motto, you can tell they're unwilling to stretch the boundaries and also perhaps a bit boring. Tully CIOS stress compliance with the rules and playing it safe. As the only House with dragons, the Targaryens' strategy was to conquer by force. A Targaryen CIO would likely practice a similar "slash-and-burn" technique confronting IT problems...ripping out infrastructure, performing forklift upgrades, and starting from scratch. As the richest house in %3D Westeros, the Lannisters "always pay their debts" and can afford to fund House Targaryen = Slash-and-Burn IT large armies of mercenaries. They frequently use their wealth to buy friends from among their enemies. A Lannister CIO spends his way out of problems, and he won't hesitate to outsource. In House Baratheon, there is no love lost between brothers as they each lust for the kingship. CIOS from House Baratheon would likely focus more on power grabbing and keeping control of everything – infrastructure, applications, and data. The CMO wants a new marketing automation software? No way. The line of business wants to onboard their new customers House Lannister= Spendthrift IT House Baratheon= Control Freak IT House Tyrell is known for making good alliances. Headed up by a crafty old woman, House Tyrell can smell which way the political winds are blowing and adjust accordingly (Renly's dead? Fine, she can marry Joffrey). Similarly, CIOs from House Tyrell would focus on Independent IT House Martell = The Dornishmen's claim to fame is that neither their agility when it comes to meeting business users' requirements and moving the business forward faster. house – nor Dorne- have ever been conquered. Theirs was the only house that successfully fended off the Targaryen forces through guerilla warfare. CIOs hailing from House Martell know how to keep their budgets intact, as well as how to keep the line of business from encroaching on what has traditionally been IT's domain. House Tyrell = Adaptable IT Be glad you're not from the bloodthirsty world of Game of Thrones.…but if you were, which House defines YOUR approach to I.T.? ADEPTIA Follow us: f in You Tube Connecting All the World's Businesses Together |

How Each Game of Thrones House Would Approach Corproate IT

shared by matthewzajechowski on Apr 19
Check out the infographic that Adeptia came up with that asks the provocative question, “What if the 9 Great Houses produced CIOs? How would they lead IT?” Let me know what you think...and which a...



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