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Game of Thrones: A Graphic Refresher

THE WALL HOUSE TARGARYEN We'll get the girls back, : them Burn all! THE SWORD IN THE DARKNESS FIRE AND BLOOD HOUSE LANNISTER A EMON TARGARYEN A ERYS HOUSE BARATHEON HEAR ME ROAR bit chewy! JEOR MORMONT Lord Commander Mad King's Uncle, blind and 100 years old and counting, HOUSE STARK HOUSE TULLY are Mad King slayed by R H A EGAR eldest Targaryen son murdered by King Robert for killing Lyanna Stark, Ned's sister and OURS IS THE FURY refused the crown and went to the wall when his brother died, unknown to most he's a WINTER IS COMING FAMILY, DUTY, HONOR of the Night's Watch from Bear Island, took on Jon as his ward, denounced his son Jorah, gave wolf- Jaime KEVAN brother to VISERYS melted by hot gold crown by Khal Drogo YOREN Targaryen Sworn Brother of the Night's Watch formerly looked after Gendry and Arya, killed by the gold cloaks for harboring Gendry, friend to Tyrion, TY WIN Current Hand of the King, Warden of the West and Lord of Casterly Rock CATELYN STARK Nee Tully, fought off a hired sellsword with a Valyrian steel knife to save Bran, forfeited Jaime Tywin pommelled sword to Jon STAN NIS BARATHEON Master of Ships and Lord of Dragonstone Second Baratheon son, invaded Blackwater unsuccessfully, saw the Lord of Light in the flames? THE WITCH EDDARD (NED) Former Warden of the North and Hand of the King beheaded by Ser Illyn Payne on order of Joffrey his lover Enslaved by the Dothraki, LYANNA Ned and Benjen's sister killed by Rhaegar Tarygaryen, lover Robert Richest Man in Westeros used her bloodmagic to make Drogo a vegetable RENLY of Qarth to get back the girls therefore betraying Robb's trust SER ALTON Warlocks, ROBERT BARATHEON BARATHEON BENJEN STARK First Ranger at Castle Black Ned's younger brother, missing somewhere North of the Wall LANNISTER Former King of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and Protector of the Realm killed by a boar and likely too much wine, also called The Usurper SER ALLISER LANCEL King's Small Counsel Youngest Baratheon, killed by a black ghost in the form of Stannis, lover of Loras shielded Arya from Ned's beheading Cousin of Jaime, and killed by him started the war for the throne over her loss DRACARUS LANNISTER THORNE Master at Arms headed to King's Landing for dungeon recruits, torments Jon in the yard, sleeping with Cersei, informant to Tyrion, former cupbearer to Robert, stabbed by Cersei in the Red Keep with a chain K H A L DROGO Undefeated Dothraki horselord, made Moore HOUSE ARRYN BRIEN NE OF W YLLA Jon's mother, Ned fathered him during the war and never spoke of her since LYSA Nee Tulley, Cat's sister, distrusts the Lannisters, has loyal Knights of the Vale, has only son Robin Mandon a vegetable by the witch and eventually smothered by Dany, appeared in Daenary's dreams while she was trapped in the House of the Undying, a returning TARTH AS HIGH AS HONOR Giant female soldier admitted cannibalism PJP Steward SA M WEL L TARLY Steward to Maester Aemon, exiled to the wall from a high-born family who denounced him, trapped amongst SER JORA H MORMONT expelled by Ned for selling slaves, served Aerys, Dany's SER DAV OS SEA WORTH First in Command, the Onion Knight Former smuggler, son of a crabber, killed by wildfire formerly of Renly's Kingsguard, now serving Lady Catelyn and travelling Jaime as a bribe for the Stark girls hallucination? Blackwater LORD JO H N ARRY N Formerly hand of the King like a father to Ned and King Robert, GREN N MAGISTER BRONN Ranger, ran off on 3rd horn for White GHOST Runt of the direwolf litter given to Jon, saved ILLYRIO Viserys' and Daenerys' caretaker, tells secrets to the Spider advisor and loves her? former head of Davos, scribe, A the Kingsguard and sellsword to Tyrion, enjoys a woman afgter a fight White Walkers Walkers poisoned by unknown assailant for asking too many questions, was married to Cat Stark's sister Lysa and found son of Lord Mormont EDD Steward, ran off on and spoiled, from a would- MATTHOS be assassin, 3rd horn for White SE A WORTH KINGS COUNCIL IRRI Walkers sickly wandered off North of the Wall DA ENER YS Dany's handmaiden, killed by the Warlocks of STORM BORN ROBIN Mother of Dragons Marries Khal Drogo for Viserys, eats a horse heart, puts 3 dragon eggs on a funeral pyre and emerges unharmed and they hatched RAST Qarth for guarding the dragons SANSA JON SNO W Bastard son of Ned, on way to Ranger, warned by Jon and Ghost to not harm Sam STARK BRA N formerly bethrothed to Joffrey, then dumped but stuck in King's STARK meet Mance Rayder, still a virgin as he almost slept with Ros but couldn't for fear of getting her knocked up, killed Qhorin DOREAH Dany's handmaiden, teaches Dany how to do it, paralyzed by Jaime for seeing him doing it with ARYA STARK SHA E HOUSE TYRELL escaped King's Landing disguised as a boy, worked as a cupbearer to Tywin at Harrenhall (unknown as a Stark), travelling to the wall with Hot Pie W HITE WALKER S THE NORTH Sansa's Landing, looked after by the Hound, CERSEI handmaiden locked in a cell with Xaro Xhoan Doxos, for betraying Dany and allowing her dragons to be stolen Cersei, dreams the future with GROWING STRONG LANNISTER SER JAIME LAN NISTER Kingslayer most feared and skilled sword fighter of all Westeros Stabbed Aerys in the back, butchered Ned's guard, Cersei's lover, has lots of Daddy issues and Tyrion's secret lover Halfhand Queen Regent, Jaime's fraternal twin Was disgusted by Robert, doesn't trust Joffrey, found out MELISANDRE sometimes called RICKON ROBB S TARK Self-proclaimed King in the North Betrothed to a Frey girl to pay for passage through the Twins, secretly married Lady Talisa, at Little Dove recurring 3 eyed STARK The Red Priestess and follower of the Lord of Light, forced Stannis to burn the Old Gods, youngest Stark, has the same prophetic dreams as Brann TYRION LAN NISTER GRU M PKINS SER LO RAS raven TYRELL aka The Imp aka the Half Man former hand of Joffrey the King afraid, Imprisoned by Lysa at the Vale for false attempt on Brann's life The Knight of Flowers former lover of Renly who likes 'em shaved and Gendry by Ned, constantly argues with Tyrion, is afraid of her father, drinks a helluva lot SNARK S X ARO XHO AN D AXOS bore Stannis's black The richest man in Qarth and one of the 13 rulers, proposed to Dany and offered her ships, professional liar, betrayed Dany's trust and along with the warlocks killed all the other rulers of Qarth, has dragons on the brain ghost to kill Renly war with the Lannisters so far his sword Wears a scar undefeated GENDRY YGRITT E from navel MYRCELLA Bastard son of Robert, like a boy, now sworn to serve the Lannisters SHADOW SER MAN DO N MO ORE Joffrey's Kingsguard Attemped to kill Tyrion BARATHEON A wildling Jon Snow spared who then saved Jon's life from the Lord of Bones, love interest? to collarbone from dueling Joffrey name CATS talented smith who made Princess sent to Dorne to marry by Tyrion WINTERFELL a bulls head helmet, travelling with Arya north and knows she's a Stark and a girl ROS LADY F*ck the king! Brandon Stark LADY LORD VARYS for Catelyn Prostitute of Lord TALISA SU M MER Killed by Ned on Cersei's command, Baelish, former lover LADY The Master of Whisperers aka The Spider MARGA ER Y Nurse on the Saved Cat of Theon, tortured by Cersei thinking she was Tyrion's current lover, offered to spy for Varys battlefield, saws off a boys leg without milk of the poppy, originally high-born from Volantis TOM MEN TYRELL NΥMERA and Brann SER RODRIK CASSEL Master of Arms teaches the boys to fight, beheaded by Theon SHAG GYDOG now bethrothed to Joffrey formerly married to Renly to pay for Nymberia's bite Expelled into the woods by Arya, to save her life after biting Joffrey his age? BARAT HEON from would-be MANCE RAY DER Former slave and actor GREY WIND Bit off the fingers of the Great Lord Jon Umber assassin King Beyond the Wall broke his vows with the who is the eyes and ears of the 7 kingdoms, eunuch, Prince, born of incest Nearly poisoned her own son with Essence of Nightshade Fakes Night's Watch unknown where his true after he threatened Robb loyalties lie OLD NA N THE STARK DIREWOLVES JORY CASSEL Captain of Ned's Household Guard Stabbed with a sword through the eye by Jaime Lannister teller of stories MIKKEN LORD Master of Coin, Littlefinger Owns a string of high class pleasure houses, offered to return to Sansa PETYR BAELISH Smith of Winterfell, HOUSE GREYJOY SER forged Arya's sword Needle GREGOR WE DO NOT SOW the Iron PYCELL E CLEGANE Grand Maester of the Citadel loyal to Queen Cersei, wise but untrustworthy and as Ned and Tyrion eventually find out, a tattle-tale, keeper of potions and poisons like Milk of the Poppy. THE JAQEN н'GHAR Criminal freed by Arya and grants her 3 wishes, changes his face and invites her to Bravos to Winterfell, given the stronghold Harrenhall, wants everything, everything! PYRO M ANCER Lord of never die! MOUNTAI N aka The Mountain of the Kingsguard, stipped of his title by Ned SAN DOR maker of wildfire BALON nude, around DEAD OR BELIEVED DEAD CLEGAN E GRE YJOY SYRIO FOREL aka The Hound of the Kingsguard burned as a boy by his older brother, strong soldier who leaves the Battle of Blackwater to go North, offers Sansa First Sword of Braavos Arya's dancing teacher (sword lessons) killed by Joffrey's guard M A ESTER LU WI N bound to serve Winterfell, poured all the Stark children into the !.! MISSING OR DEPARTED SER ILL Y N OSH A Wildling, looks after Brann and Rickon, slept PRESENCE OR POSSIBLE PAYNE YARA unde he name 'valar HODOR PRESENCE OF MAGIC morghulis' SEPTA MORDAN E Stark girls' tutor, Joffrey put her head on a spike decorating King's Landing world, stabbed by Theon's men and finished off by Osha at his command at the Weirwood tree the Royal Executioner, THEON GREYJOY Ward to Ned after Robert's rebellion, trained by Rodrik, thinks he killed Bran and Rickon but wrong, headed back to Pike unconscious, pretty much disrespected by the men of Pyke, and his father SER BARRISTON SEL MY GREYJOY Theon's older sister Bran with Theon to help them escape, headed to the Wall| beheaded Ned and had his tongue ripped out by the Mad King Unceremoniously dismissed from the head of the Kingsguard by Cersei for letting King Robert and commander of Baylon's army, JOFFREY False King of Westeros, born of incest General nuisance and cowardly king a lift Giant half-wit, kes to run a die on the boar hunt stealing Theon's fire them ,then kill all! breast-feeds still More winer by wildfire killed Islands may dead What is Battle and the Hearteater of Лq Ser scarred n sigel, a mmoeningbird (-) invented his Freed Dany from the V Bear's balls care takes of Dragonglas

Game of Thrones: A Graphic Refresher

shared by HeatherJones on Apr 01
Thoughts, sketches and questions about the last two seasons, in anticipation of the next!


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