Game of Thrones Decoded

GA ME OF THRON ES LOVE, FRIENDSHIP OR ALLIANCE HATRED, DISTRUST OR ENEMIES DECODED PRESENCE OF MAGIC TYWIN LANNISTER Hand of the King, Warden of the West and Lord of Casterly Rock Joining families through the marriage of Margaery and Joffrey CARRIES A WOUND CON NE C TIN G T HE D 0TS FRO M SE A SON 3 LADY OLENNA TYRELL DEAD Secretly allied to of Highgarden defeat Wears a Souvenir Grandmother granddaughter "from navel to collarbone" from fighting Catelyn Continued bickering Grandmother-grandson Stark Somewhat tense WALDER FREY "After you've Loras will be the King's stepfather and brother-in-law, your son will be Loras SVREORAS Named Lord of Riverrun after the Red Wedding.Has fathered many daughters and granddaughters whose names he can't remember LORD PETYR BAELISH a.k.a. Littlefinger. Named Lord of Harrenhal. Headed to the Vale to marry Lysa. "Chaos isn't a pit, it's a ladder." The Knight of Flowers. Former lover to Renly Baratheon. "A sword swallower through and through" MYRCELLA BARATHEON Lysa believes the Lannisters are to blame for her late husband's Born of incest between Jaime and Cersei nephew, and your brother will become your father in- New allies death by poison law, that much is beyond dispute. miserable I handle his affairs" at the brothel Betrothed Siblings Edmure in the dungeon the night of his wedding "Lady Margaery is a doe-eyed little whore" ROSLIN FREY "Mother, you are old and boring ROS Speared by Joffrey on Littlefinger's command for working for the Spider A Frey daughter. Surprisingly not homely LORD RO OSE BOLTON Formerly Robb's Bannerman. Turned traitor and named Warden of the North. Has a Frey wife who has made him rich Siblings Married CERSEI BARATHEON TOMMEN BARATHEON Queen Regent Betrothed LYSA ARRYN Lady of the Vale. Still breastfeeds her 6-pear-old son Born of incest between Jaime and Cersei SER EDMURE TULLY Continued bickering Stalked his whole life for a Frey marriage. Not very good with a bow Sibings-and reunited lovers LADY MARGAERY TYRELL Queen-to-be. Dresses scantily. Charitable toward orphans and the poor KING JOFFREY BARATHEON Amputated False King of Westeros. Born of incest. "Everyone is mine to torment." Neck swiped "He's a monster." Sister-in-law Friends and brother- in-law Sbings SER BRYNDEN TULLY Brienne the truth of the Mad King, in a hot tub Siiced a.k.a the "Blackfish." Catelyn's uncle who escaped the Red Wedding because he had to take a piss face from the Battle of the Blackwater BRIENNE OF TARTH Lady Catelyn's guard who begins to trust Jaime "My bastard, well, Ramsay does things his own way." ROBB STARK King in the North and the Young Wolf SANSA STARK Princess of Winterfell Friends Gutted by Bolton at the Red Wedding LADY CATELYN STARK The Lady of Winterfell Locke cut Locke put Brienne in a bear fight off Jaime's Sword hand SER JAIME LANNISTER TYRION LANNISTER Neck slit by Bolton's men at the Red Wedding Married to remind him a.k.a. The Imp The Kingslayer. Returned to King's Landing after suffering under Locke that "daddy ain't here" Lovers "You are mine and I Friends and drinking buddies am yours." Continued cattiness The usurper, Joffrey Baratheon LADY TALISA PODRICK SHAE Robb's Oueen Tyrion's loyal Sansa's handmaiden I squire. Got lucky in the brothel for free LOCKE Stabbed by Bolton's men at the Red Wedding, while pregnant GREY WI ND Ruthless head of Bolton's guard Robb's Direwolf Shot with arrows at the Red Wedding. His head was cut and sewn to Robb's body Varys says Shae is a "complication" and tries to covince her to leave with a bribe of gold Saw a vision in the flames RAMSAY SNOW SER BRONN OF THE BLACKWATER Bolton's bastard who captured Theon as ordered, but then took him prisoner and continues to torture him of a "great Crippled from being pushed out a window by Jaime battle in the snow" Ramsay gives him a nal through the finger, screw through the foot and penectomy Tyrion's guard MIE PYCELLE Can control human and animal Grand Maester of the Citadel With 8,000 Unsulied and three growing dragons, Daenarys poses a viable threat Stannis cut his fingers off to the knuckles for Castrated by the sorcerer onger Theon It's Reek. "Your name is no smuggling, then knighted him stem" Lifelong friends who fight over the Red Woman's Counsel to Joffrey's crown STANNIS BARATHEON Lord of Dragonstone and self-proclaimed King of Westeros LORD VA RYS Siblings The Master of Whisperers, a.k.a. the Spider BRAN STARK SER DAVOS SEAWORTH SUMMER Prince of Winterfell and a warg, a being who sees through the eyes of animals - -- Theon thinks Bran's direwolf, travelling with him North of the Wall Master of Ships The sorcerer arrives in a crate with his mouth wired shut Bumed he's killed Bran --- and Rickon, but they've escaped Varys' parts in a brazier, a voice answered in the flames Father- YARA daughter THEON GREYJOY GREYJOY Varys is wamed that the young Targaryen is building an amy Friends Only son of Balon, he decides to take Winterfell on his own and it's all bad luck from there Head of Balon's Ships. Headed to rescue Theon Stil togrna. though she tells Stannis, "Your fires bum low. my King." Sees the three- eved raven like Bran, and says visions like that "take their tol" Shireen teaches her friend the "Onion Knight" to read Continued distrust, but they decide they need each other for Stannis' cause Serves "She knows SORCERER who she is. She Friends. "any brother of After swearing to the water god, Theon continues to seek his father's approval Jon Snow is a brother of mine" JOJEN REED Cannot be bumed by fire: can hatch dragon eggs All the Unsullied Brothers Can drink were poison and give birth to shadow brothers castrated at age 5 Sibing Kils a White Walker with assassins DAENERYS 'STORMBORN' TAGARYEN Dragonglass Khaleesi, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons and self-proclaimed Queen of Westeros SHIREEN BARATHEON Bound to serve Daughter of Stannis and Selyse BALON GREYJOY Lord of the Iron Islands, and lucky recipient of Theon's privates in a box HODOR Both lowbom, Davos sets MELISANDRE Bran's servant, jant wit' who Bran hypnotized when thunder came Selyse knows she's been cheated on, but "wept for joy" when she leamed Stannis' will The Red Priestess of the Lord of Light. Lover of Stannis GREY W ORM from sacrifice Leader of the Unsullied Army MEERA REED Falling in love Jorah loves Dany with all his heart, but she keeps him in the friend zone Bound to Jojen's sister. Good with weapons Bound to SAM TARLY serve serve Brother of the Night's Watch who e dCraster's Keep with Gilly made it to Castle Black SELYSE BARATHEON Wife of Stannis. Keeps the bodies of her three stillborn sons in jars Melisandre recognizes that Gendry is a Baratheon and Friends from the GILLY beginning Dreams the future like Bran Rast picks fights with Sam: "Il be cutting your throat one of these nights, piggy!" A Wildling who gave birth to her father's child and named him Sam trades gold for him SER BARRISTAN SELMY Removed from the Kingsguard by Cersei, he is now bound to serve his "true Queen" SHAGGYDOG Rickon's direwolf, travelling with him and Osha DAARIO Daughter father NAHARIS Formerly of a group of sellswords called the Second Sons, he killed his Stabbed by his MISSANDEI own men; finished off by Rast Former slave Jeor gave Jon a wolf- pommelled Valyrian- steel sword for saving his life Bedded by Melisandre, who then sets leeches of Astapor and Dany's handmaiden RICKON STARK SER JORAH MORMONT Youngest Prince of Winterfell superiors to get close to Dany Mutual hatred Ser Jeor's exiled son, now bound to serve Khaleesi on his privates to steal his royal blood who speaks 19 languages Arrows to the Brother of the Night's Watch who causes discord in the ranks GENDRY Continued bickering CRASTER body from Ygritte and attacked by Orell's eagle Bastard son of Robert Baratheon (and just informed of this) A Wildling who "married" his daughters and gave 99 sons to the White Walkers Barbecued alive by the biggest SER IEOR MORMONT "You wouldn't be my family, you'd be my lady." Lord Commander of the Night's Watch who tried to warn of the White Walkers dragon MASTER the Starks for sparing her life KRAZNYS Slave owner of Astaport, he calls Dany a bitch and whore in Valyrian but doesn't knoww she understands it Thoros sold Gendry for gold Killed by the Night's JON SNOW Bastard son of Ned Stark and brother of the Night's Watch Watch Former lovers GHOST Jon's direwolf who came ARYA STARK Princess of Winterfell back, but keeps wandering off TORMUND GIANTSBANE A Wildling and loyal old friend of Mance Rayder who has climbed Jon betrayed Mance and escaped b Has resurrected Beric six times YGRITTE to Castle Black Orell cut Jon loose A Wildling who told Jon never to leave her; he did anyway the Wall a "half a hundred times" Half-bumt face from his brother, "The Mountain" they were Arya promises, "Someday I'm going to put a sword through your eye and out the back of your skull." climbing the Wll OSHA putting it in A Wildling devoted to the Starks, she is travelling witrh Rickon to the Last Hearth for protection playing with his toy THOROS OF MYR Arya spoke the words Valar Morghulis.. invoking Jagen? He claimed he was better for her Can change his face Red Priest in the Brotherhood Friends Without Banners Old friends Scars from his deaths: hanging a dagger to the heart; stabbed n the eye. belly, shoulder Could see through the eyes Can set a sword aflame with the blood of and back JAQEN H'GHAR his hand Mysterious soldier from Braavos who a coin ORELL Beric is killed by the Hound in a trial by combat.-- but resumrected by Thoros gave Arna a with the words "Valor Morghulis' to speak should she im A Wildling and a warg MANCE RAYDER King Beyond the Wall. Former brother of the Night's Watch turned Wildling. Going to light the "biggest fire the North has Speared by Jon SANDOR CLEGANE ever need h. BERIC DONDARRION a.k.a. the Hound. Formerly of Joffrey's Kingsguard Brotherhood Without Banners ever seen" TIME Infographic by Heather Jones for TIME

Game of Thrones Decoded

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Enemy lines too complex? Confused on Game of Thrones alliances? Me too! So I made a graphic decoder to get you up to speed before Season 4 begins!




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